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What is Castor Oil? From Ancient Remedy to Modern Marvel

Perhaps you have been hearing incredible stories about Castor Oil’s amazing healing properties and you’re wondering, “What is Castor Oil anyway?” Castor Oil is one of nature’s best kept secrets!  Renowned for its hydrating and moisturizing properties, it is also being utilized for a variety of health complaints.

what is castor oil? Bowl of Castor Oil

Native to India, Africa and Central America, Castor oil is a vegetable oil obtained by pressing the seeds of the Castor plant. Castor seeds are rich in precious oil, which makes up 50%-60% of their weight. When pressure is applied to the seed, the oil with all of its unique nutrients, minerals and essential fatty acids are released. The oil can range in color from pale to light yellow and has virtually no taste or odor.

What is Castor Oil?

…From Ancient Remedy to Modern Marvel

Ancient Egyptians were the first to record the use of Castor Oil for medicinal purposes, and since then it has been used by many cultures who attest to its therapeutic value. Castor oil is also referred to as Palma Christi, because the shape of the plant’s leaves were thought to resemble the palm of Christ and because of the incredible healing power it possesses.

The effects of Castor Oil are impressive and have been used to address an extensive range of health concerns. Medical research on Castor oil for the treatment of diseases may be limited but many people have personally experienced how effective the oil is for easing pain and speeding up healing. Castor oil is considered to be one of nature’s miracle oils and a must for your home medicine cabinet.

Castor Oil’s reported health benefits include:

  • Promoting healthy digestion
  • Enhancing liver function
  • Improving eliminations
  • Relieving muscle and joint stiffness
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Relieving nausea
  • Improving lymphatic flow
  • Relieving abdominal discomfort
  • Aiding the body’s detoxification processes
  • Reducing swelling
  • Providing immune support

How is Castor Oil Used?

what is castor oil? Castor Oil Disposable Pack

One of the most effective methods of use is through topical application as castor oil packs. The pack is generally made of an absorbent material like wool or cotton flannel. The Castor Oil is poured onto this material and then laid directly onto the body. Heating pads are especially helpful for this process because they warm the oil and allow it to penetrate more deeply. These types of applications should be done regularly and can last anywhere from an hour to two hours. Topical application of the oil, using a castor oil pack, is not only relaxing but produces excellent results. After removing the pack, clean the area with CastorWash™ to remove impurities, as well as alkalize the skin.

Where Can I Get it?

All of Baar’s castor oil brand products are made with cold-pressed, cold-processed Castor Oil. Choosing this high quality oil ensures that you are receiving the nutrient rich fatty acids that are known for their pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties. Experience the many health benefits this versatile oil has to offer.

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Try This Castor Oil Lotion – Your Skin Will Thank You!

Did you know that Castor Oil has been used for centuries for its health and beauty benefits? As a home remedy, it has been particularly effective in relieving a variety of skin issues. Because it is an excellent emollient and deeply absorbed by the skin, it can be beneficial for:

  • softening rough, dry skin
  • soothing chapped lips
  • diminishing warts and moles
  • relieving eczema and psoriasis
  • easing muscle & joint stiffness
  • improving skin elasticity

Whether you’re looking for a Castor Oil lotion that will offer therapeutic relief for skin disorders such as psoriasis or you’re simply looking for a great, natural product to add to your anti-aging skin care regimen, we have the answer for you! With over 20 years of research and product development, Baar Products has established itself as a primary provider of natural health products and remedies that people can use inexpensively and in the comfort of their own home. And Castor Oil has always been at the core of the product line.

Try These Castor Oil Lotion Products- Your Skin Will Thank You!

Palma Christi Skin Lotion:


Castor Oil has been blended with Lanolin, Cocoa Butter, Aloe Vera, Almond Oil, vitamin E and Silk Protein to moisturize and nourish for younger-looking, radiant skin. Penetrating deeply, this luxurious lotion softens and repairs skin without clogging pores. Non-greasy so it can be applied to body or face to improve the skin’s elasticity and add a healthy, natural glow.

Make Palma Christi Skin Lotion an addition to your beauty routine. Transform your skin without the expense of costly spa treatments with this Castor Oil lotion. Many of the same ingredients are found in brands that can cost hundreds of dollars for just a few ounces. Now everyone can experience silky, smooth skin at an affordable price.

Roll-On Castor Oil:

The average woman’s purse is full of a half dozen products to address a variety of needs. She probably has a face or hand lotion in her bag – or maybe both! Then there is a chapstick to keep lips soft and moist and maybe an ointment to use on scrapes or other minor first aid issues. This also applies to men… because having well-hydrated and well-protected skin is a concern for everyone.


What if we told you that you could take all of those products and roll (pun intended!) them into one economical, efficient product that could provide all of the same benefits? Would that save you some room in that purse or in your bathroom cabinet? Well, that’s exactly what Baar Products has accomplished with the all-in-one Roll-On Castor Oil. This amazing oil not only keeps skin hydrated, soothed and protected, but now it is also incredibly easy to apply. You can experience Castor Oil’s amazing benefits without the hassle of carrying a dozen different products. Order one for your house, one for your car, one for travel and another for your purse!

Read more extensive descriptions as well as customer testimonials on these and more Castor Oil based products in the Baar line!
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5 Exciting Natural Castor Oil Remedies

Natural Castor Oil remedies are used for a wide variety of health and beauty issues. Castor Oil’s powerful therapeutic properties have been recognized and used by people all over the world. Pressed from the castor bean of the Castor plant, the unique healing powers of this oil are one of Mother Nature’s most versatile gifts. Five natural Castor Oil remedies are described below:

Natural Castor Oil for Everyday Health & Beauty:

Lymphatic Circulation: Applied as a Castor Oil pack, this natural home remedy is placed over the abdomen for one to two hours daily to stimulate liver function and enhance the body’s lymphatic circulation. The pack is made of wool or cotton and a heating pad is then applied to enhance the penetration of the oil. As lymph circulation improves, the body is able to more efficiently eliminate and remove toxins. Find out more information on how to use our natural Castor Oil pack treatment.

Dry Skin: Castor Oil penetrates deeply to repair and rejuvenate skin leaving it soft and supple. Apply topically to relieve itching, flaking and cracked skin. Rich in anti-oxidants, our cold-pressed, cold processed Castor Oil is excellent for soothing and protecting even the driest skin.

Chapped Lips: Chapped lips can be a problem for many people year-round. As the colder months approach, it is important to properly protect your skin, especially your lips. Our Palma Christi lip balm is another natural castor oil remedy that works to soften and soothe dry, chapped and even sunburned lips. Made with all natural ingredients: Castor Oil, Shea Butter, Olive Oil and vitamin E, Palma Christi lip balm quenches and nourishes for healthier lips

Arthritis: Known for its lubricating and anti-inflammatory properties, Castor Oil can be massaged into muscles and joints to relieve swelling and stiffness. You can massage Castor Oil directly into the affected areas or apply a Castor Oil pack with heating pad to add warmth and enhance circulation. This effective, natural castor oil remedy provides long lasting relief.

Skin Moles, Skin Tags: Applied to skin moles, warts, calluses or skin tags, CastorCream™, containing all natural castor oil, works to soften and diminish these unwanted growths. This customer testimonial says it all:

CastorCream™ has been one of the most miraculous products I have ever come across. Doctors will tell you that you have to surgically remove moles and that the risk of complications is high, due to the possibility of getting cancerous cells into the bloodstream. Well, I have found that CastorCream™ can do what doctors say can’t be done which is to remove moles and certain other unwanted skin growths. Not only does it work but it works quite quickly…” 

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An Extensive List of Castor Oil Uses


With the cost of health care constantly rising, many individuals are looking for economical ways to stay healthy. Rather than let conditions worsen to the point of needing medical intervention, many choose to take their health into their own hands through the use of alternative remedies. In fact, with a proper understanding of home medicine, a person can save thousands of dollars throughout their lifetime as they take a proactive and preventative approach to their health.

At Baar Products we’ve been formulating, manufacturing and sharing our line of natural health products for over 25 years. In addition to our Baar Products brand, we are proud to say that we’re the official worldwide supplier of Edgar Cayce products. Cayce often spoke about the benefits of castor oil and we’ve followed suit. Since our beginning, we’ve educated clients andcustomers about the various castor oil uses and have incorporated the natural healing properties of this amazing oil in the formulation of many of our brand products.

What are the Primary Castor Oil Uses?

Castor oil may be taken internally, but it may also be applied topically to the skin to remedy a variety of ailments. One of our most important products, the Castor Oil Starter Kit with disposable packs, makes the topical use of the oil even easier and hassle-free! With no mess to clean up, castor oil combined with the disposable packs and the added power of heat, create the ultimate healing experience. Check out the video tutorial below for a full explanation of how to use the packs!

Many of our clients and customers use castor oil for health issues related to assimilation and elimination. In addition, the oil can remedy dry skin, enhance circulation and relieve inflammation. Simply by placing a Castor Oil Pack and heating pad on the abdomen, this home remedy can contribute to the effective functioning of your entire lymphatic system! But that’s not the end of the story when it comes to the wide variety of castor oil uses.

Not only do we sell cold pressed, cold processed castor oil by itself, we also use this powerful ingredient in many of our specially formulated products:

·         For dry, cracked or itching skin, restore elasticity with Palma Christi Skin Lotion.


·         For a painless, simple application on skin moles, try CastorCream™.

·         For a daily moisturizing, softening cleanser, try the Palma Christi Bar or Liquid Soaps.

·         For dry, chapped lips, apply our castor oil based Palma Christi Lip Balm!

The long list of castor oil uses truly is extensive. But don’t waste any more time reading about the great results castor oil can provide, get started with castor oil therapy right away and begin to experience the positive health benefits for yourself!

Castor Oil Uses | Uses for Castor Oil

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