Herbal Breathing Prepares You for Spring Allergy Season

Inspirol, Herbal Breathing Product

Spring has sprung and the trees, flowers and luscious greenery have started to blossom. Unfortunately for allergy sufferers, with it comes the frustration of seasonal bronchial and sinus distress. Molds, weeds, ragweed, and other pollen producing plants and trees bloom in the warming months of spring, creating havoc for the eyes, nose and lungs and disrupting your outdoor fun.

Your nose serves as the first line of defense for your lungs. The primary function of nose hair is to filter foreign particles and airborne pollens which can cause a great amount of stress to the sinuses and nasal passages. From there, excess mucus develops to trap harmful particles and protect the lungs from foreign invaders.

Respiratory relief can often be obtained when the nasal and/or bronchial passages are opened and cleared of excess mucus. Inspirol, Herbal Breathing™ is an excellent choice. It’s an easy-to-use, natural blend of essential oils formulated to help you breathe a little easier.

How does Inspirol, Herbal Breathing Work?

With penetrating ingredients such as: Oil of Eucalyptus, Tolu Balsam, Compound Tincture of Benzoin, Oil of Pine Needles, Rectified Oil of Turpentine and Rectified Beechwood, this powerful aromatherapy formula relieves a wide variety of symptoms that occur with seasonal allergy challenges.

Shaken together, these ingredients create potent fumes that are to be inhaled through the nasal passages and then through the mouth. The fumes penetrate deeply to help soothe irritated and swollen tissues, open breathing passages, reduce excess mucus and relieve that throat “tickle”.

Inspirol®, or Herbal Breathing, is 4 fluid ounces of the above oil blend in an 8 ounce bottle. To use: Shake the bottle, remove the cap and place the tube into the air space above the liquid, then breathe in the fumes. Breathe deeply through each nostril and then in through the mouth, exhaling after each application.

How Inspirol, Herbal Breathing has helped others:

“I have never used a product [Inspirol, Herbal Breathing] that was as effective as this for my bronchial problems! This is my 3rd or 4th bottle of this stuff, it works!” – A.B., Beaverton, OR

“I was diagnosed with asthma years ago and used inhalers for a few years, but not since I began using Inspirol, Herbal Breathing. I do cough my head off quite a bit, but it is a productive cough and just as Cayce wrote, the Inspirol, Herbal Breathing minimizes post nasal drip and it does it better than anti histamines and without side effects (jittery feeling). I use a bottle or two of Inspirol, Herbal Breathing every month until it evaporates. I can say that the little bottles are so effective, I carry them with me sometimes.” – A.O. Beaverton, OR

“I suffer from asthma and needed a non-prescription treatment to help me breathe better. I decided to get Baar’s Inspirol, Herbal Breathing product. It has proven very effective every time I’ve needed it. I gave it to my father who has COPD and he says it helps him to breathe much easier, especially at night. The product is of high quality and easy to use. It works fast, too. It is always at my bed side.” – B.C. Princeton, WV
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