Soothe that Throat “Tickle” Naturally with Respicol

Having a cold, post nasal drip or seasonal allergies often comes along with an annoying, scratchy tickle in the throat. Many conventional medicines contain harsh ingredients and have a list of side effects. Respicol® is a natural herbal syrup which integrates the traditional benefits of a unique blend of botanicals. It works within minutes to soothe irritated throat passages for fast relief without causing drowsiness. While other remedies may allow a dose or two per day, you can take Respicol as often as every hour until symptoms alleviate.

What is in Respicol?

Respicol, 4 oz.

Specially selected herbs are blended in a honey and syrup base to work with your body’s lymphatic, digestive and immune systems. Historical application of these herbs suggest they harmonize the systems of the body, enhancing the body’s ability to detoxify and cleanse.

Horehound has been used for centuries as an expectorant. Traditionally, ancient Egyptians used horehound as an aid in clearing mucus from the respiratory system. It soothes those irritated mucous tissues especially in the throat.

Wild Cherry Bark alleviates distress especially of the nose and throat by relieving swelling of mucous membranes. It is also effective for boosting sluggish digestion.

Respicol, 8 oz. bottle for soothing throat tickle

Rhubarb is a mild stimulant to liver and gall bladder. This will help clarify the system and remove toxins that may be causing irritation to the respiratory system.

Wild Ginger tones and purifies the digestive tract and the lymphatics associated with the intestinal tract. This herb enhances circulation and supports the body’s immune response which may help relieve the scratchy tickle in the throat which causes the urge to cough.

Many of the herbs in Respicol aid the function of the body’s lymphatic system, assisting it in cleansing and detoxifying thereby supporting proper eliminations. Once these systems begin to work more effectively, the body’s circulation improves helping to clear the throat and respiratory systems… stopping that annoying tickle from coming back.

How has Respicol Helped Others?

“I wanted you to know that I think Respicol is a great product. Recently, I had a cold with coughing that had lasted a while…I bought a bottle, followed the directions, and immediately my coughing eased. My throat was so much more comfortable. I now have a bottle in reserve, just in case. Thanks for making Respicol available!” – T.W.

“My husband has a job talking a lot at night, sometimes he has to talk for hours on a phone call. This stuff [Respicol] saves his throat.” – L.B.E., Colorado Springs, CO
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1 thought on “Soothe that Throat “Tickle” Naturally with Respicol

  1. Hope Martin

    Respicol is a wonderful product! I have Reacative Airway Disease (similar to Asthma) and this is what gives me relief…. especially in the middle of the night.


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