Time to get that Deep, Restful Sleep you Deserve with Dozy-Doze

Lack of sleep is a common issue for many people in today’s fast-paced, high stress world. There Dozy-Doze, Restful Sleep Support Supplement Bottleare a few different factors which contribute to the constant tossing and turning every night. Sleeplessness can be attributed to stress, anxiety, eating too close to bedtime, exercising too late, and much more. While many may opt to take prescription medications with a long list of side effects, there are various natural ways to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Dozy-Doze™ is a relaxing combination of Valerian Root Extract, Hops Extract, Passion Flower and GABA. This combination of ingredients is formulated to help quiet your mind and relax your body so you can drift naturally into a restful sleep. This non-habit forming supplement will help you stay asleep and wake up refreshed with renewed energy that lasts throughout the day.

Valerian Root Extract

Valerian Root is a calming herb which helps to relieve stress and anxiety, often acting as a mild sedative to aid falling asleep. This herb has been historically used since the 1800’s as a natural sleep aid and relaxant. Valerian not only helps you fall asleep faster, it may help you stay asleep longer, so you wake up feeling refreshed.

Hops Extract

The dried, flowering part of the Hops plant is often used in making medicine. Hops Extract is used to ease restlessness, tension, anxiety, inability to sleep and other types of nervous disorders. Research shows that Hops Extract and Valerian Root Extract are a powerful combination which may decrease the time it takes to fall asleep, supporting a rejuvenating sleep.

Passion Flower

Passion Flower Extract has been considered a non-habit forming sedative. It is nature’s sleeping pill and produces no narcotic hangover. It is also considered to be an antispasmodic, as it eases muscle tension, anxiety and nervousness. Passion Flower may decrease the amount of times that one awakens during the night, leading to a more refreshed feeling upon waking.


GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid) is a chemical that is made naturally in the brain and is known as the brain’s own calming agent. Unbalanced levels of GABA can result in higher levels of anxiety, nervousness and excitation. Supplementing with GABA helps to balance the level of brain stimulation which promotes relaxation and eases nervous tension.

It’s time to finally get that deep, restful sleep you deserve. Relax your body and calm your mind with the powerful combination of natural sleep-inducing ingredients in Dozy-Doze. Rise and Shine.
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1 thought on “Time to get that Deep, Restful Sleep you Deserve with Dozy-Doze

  1. Anne

    This Baar formula is one of the best formulas I have seen; esp. with the “GABA”; Gaba is found in “Green Tea” too.


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