Alkalizing Mouthwash: Invigorating Your Mouth

Improving Dental Health With Baar’s Alkalizing Mouthwash

by Dr. Bruce Baar

AlkaCare Mouthwash and Gargle, alkalizing mouthwash

AlkaCare® is a specially formulated alkalizing mouthwash that can help improve the pH of your mouth on a daily basis. There are several reasons why your mouth may experience excess acidity. When the mouth is too dry, it may have lost the ability to produce saliva, which acts as a natural buffer and cleanser to the teeth and gums.  Sjorgren’s Syndrome, Diabetes, smoking, prescription and chemotherapeutic medications can all affect saliva flow. In addition, eating high concentrations of acidic or sugary foods, experiencing stress and simply not drinking enough water can increase the saliva’s acidity causing potential tooth demineralization, increasing bacterial growth and causing bad breath.

Along with brushing, flossing and regular dental check-ups, AlkaCare® works to fight acidity and restore the mouth’s pH balance. Add this refreshing alkalizing mouthwash to your dental routine and experience a clean mouth and fresh breath. AlkaCare’s® antiseptic properties helps soothe sore gums and make it perfect as a gargle to relieve a sore throat.

How to Use AlkaCare

AlkaCare Natural Clear Mouthwash and Gargle, alkalizing mouthwash

Get a refreshing start to your day with AlkaCare®. Vigorously swish ½ ounce for 30 seconds, morning and night. For best results, use after brushing and flossing. This unique alkalizing mouthwash may also be used as a natural gargle to soothe a sore scratchy throat or as a rinse to soothe mouth ulcers.

Why Choose Baar?

We’re committed to helping you find the products you need to live a healthier lifestyle. Searching for a natural selection of products formulated to energize and revitalize, look no further. Baar Products offers a wide range of options for empowering your health. Everyone benefits from good health. Let us help you achieve yours.
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