Healthy Holiday Cooking Made Easy With 3 Helpful Kitchen Must-Have Ingredients

Cooking for the holidays? Well, it’s time to start thinking about preparing your favorite recipes and maybe even giving them a healthier twist. Healthy holiday cooking can be easy. Just substituting a few ingredients for those like Organic Olive Oil, Fig syrup and Virgin Coconut oil can enhance the flavor and texture of food without adding extra fat or sugar. In fact, their health benefits go even farther. Impress your family and guests with some exciting new food ideas, while adding a nutritional flair to your traditional recipes.

Your ingredient choices can have a major impact on health and wellness. Healthy holiday cooking does not mean you have to sacrifice your favorites.  Transform your favorite holiday dishes using Organic Olive Oil, Virgin Coconut Oil or Fig Syrup  and discover your inner chef. Here’s a few tasty alternatives that could easily be incorporated into your healthy holiday cooking!

Healthy Holiday Cooking With Amazing Ingredients

Organic Olive Oil

Organic Olive Oil for healthy holiday cooking

Olive oil has a pleasant flavor and aroma that compliments many dishes. Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a reputation for being a “healthy oil”, rich in monounsaturated fats and antioxidants. A diet rich in monounsaturated fats can offer protection for the heart, skin, bone and immune functions. The health benefits of olive oil are unrivaled, and research reveals more benefits nearly every day.

You can use Organic Extra Virgin Olive oil in many ways when preparing meals. It produces better flavor when used in low-temperature cooking and adds to the aesthetic and flavor of foods. Drizzle generously over vegetables, salad, fish or chicken. It can also be infused with your favorite herbs for a healthy marinade. Use Organic Extra Virgin Olive oil to sauté, grille or roast foods. It offers a lighter, healthier cooking option. Add your creative touch and infuse Olive oil with herbs and spices and give it as a gift!

Virgin Coconut Oil

Organic, Virgin Coconut Oil for Healthy Holiday Cooking

Baar’s Virgin Coconut Oil is loaded with nutritional benefits. Obtained from the first cold pressing of organic coconut kernels, this versatile oil is perfect for cooking, baking or frying. Rich in medium-chain triglycerides, a unique form of fatty acids that are used by the body as a source of energy, Coconut oil has been shown to be beneficial in helping to maintain a healthy weight, increasing stamina and promoting thyroid health for an efficient metabolism.

 Coconut oil is a great substitute for shortening, butter, margarine or vegetable oil and it has no trans-fats! It imparts a unique nutty taste with a hint of sweetness adding depth of flavor, as well as creamy rich texture to all your dishes. Coconut oil provides some of the best natural nutrients for cooking, hair care and skin care. Add this to your list of “must- haves”.

Fig Syrup

Fig Syrup for Healthy Holiday Cooking

Figs are always popular around the holidays and for good reason. These nutritional little fruits are rich in dietary fiber and taste. Baar’s natural Fig Syrup is the perfect ingredient for your healthy holiday dishes. Their distinctive flavor adds heartiness and depth of flavor to meats, breads and desserts. Because the syrup is prepared from fresh, ripened black mission figs and contains no added sugars, it makes a wonderful natural sweetener.

Below are just a few of this syrup’s incredible benefits:

  • Rich in dietary fiber
  • No added sugar
  • Low in fat, cholesterol and sodium
  • Great source of magnesium, calcium and potassium

Use these simple ingredient substitutions to create recipes that don’t sacrifice taste and enjoyment and create an inspirational healthy holiday cooking season. Share your favorite recipes with us.

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  1. Lizbeth Nauta

    The animal health world is catching up on use of this super food, for both health and beauty (especially skin & fur). Way to go Baar Products for being in the forefront of good health for both human and animal (see article Top 10 Uses of Coconut Oil for Horses in – especially noted, use for insect bites & stings!)


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