Digestive Enzymes are Vital to Overall Health

Healthy Digestion is a Key for Immune Health

Proper digestive function is critical to overall health and well-being.  While the body manufactures a number of digestive enzymes, it also obtains them from foods such as papaya, pineapple, bananas and more. These enzymes enable the body to breakdown food, so nutrients can be released and absorbed. When the digestive system works properly, it acts as a barrier to bacteria and viruses, assists in removing wastes and toxins from the body and enables nutrients to be absorbed.

Signs of Insufficient Digestive Enzyme Activity

Research shows that as we grow older, the body’s ability to produce digestive enzymes decreases. Also, if you are stressed, you don’t produce enough digestive enzymes. If you eat on the run, you don’t produce enough. As a result, nutrients are not absorbed and bowel irregularities can occur. In today’s busy world, many of the foods being consumed are processed, loaded with additives and preservatives and chemically altered creating even more distress to the digestive system. Gas, bloating, reflux, constipation and/or diarrhea can be an indication of a decrease or lack of digestive enzyme activity. A number of different symptoms can be caused due to a lack of digestive enzymes and may be detrimental to your lifestyle.

What do Digestive Enzymes do?Super Digestive Enzymes Capsules Image

Digestive Enzymes help breakdown food into small, absorbable molecules. If you don’t have enough digestive enzymes, when you eat your food, it won’t be absorbed and it’ll pass through without receiving any nutritional benefits. It may even inflame your gut. Even with the healthiest diet, adequate fiber intake and sufficient water, the body can still require digestive help. Adding our digestive supplement, Super Digestive Enzymes, before a meal helps optimize the breakdown of fats, carbohydrates and protein which in turn, helps the body absorb the nutrients it needs to be vital and healthy. Get all the benefits from the food you are eating!
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