Boost Your Immunity with Natural Iodine from Sea Vegetables

Kelp and Dulse are two great options when it comes to natural iodine supplementation. Not only do you receive your daily requirement for iodine, you also benefit from the abundant, naturally-occurring vitamins and minerals found in these sea vegetables.

Because our bodies do not produce iodine on their own, it must be obtained through the diet. Kelp Capsules, Natural Iodine from Sea Vegetables, formerly with Dulse.Iodine is essential for the production of thyroid hormones and can be found in foods such as cheese, yogurt, milk, eggs, table salt, fish, dietary supplements and more. As people restrict their intake of many of these foods, a trend toward iodine deficiency develops. If we are not getting iodine from our food, it is best to find a daily supplement. Because most of the world’s natural iodine is concentrated in seawater, sea vegetables are an excellent natural option for supplementing your iodine needs.

Kelp, a large, leafy brown algae that belongs to the seaweed family, is a good source of marine minerals, including potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron. It is also an excellent source of natural iodine which is necessary for healthy Thyroid function.

Dulse is a common red seaweed which is rich in trace elements and vitamins, particularly Vitamin A. It is a nutrient-rich source of protein, fiber, iron and Vitamins C, E and B complex.

Combine the two of these Sea Vegetables together and feel these three great benefits of natural iodine:

Improved Energy –

Kelp and Dulse are both packed with essential B-Vitamins. As with any plant, these seaweeds also contain Chlorophyll which helps to restore energy and vitality. They are an excellent source of iodine which is essential to Thyroid function. Your Thyroid gland is responsible for producing the hormones that are required for many functions in the body such as: supporting normal cellular metabolism, maintaining healthy cholesterol and balancing mood. These plants are also a rich source of minerals including manganese, potassium and iron, which aid in fighting fatigue.

Digestion –

High in fiber, Kelp and Dulse also supports the body’s digestive system. Seaweeds can balance colon and intestinal flora, which promotes good bacteria in the gut. Fiber and natural iodine found in seaweed are alkaline forming which also benefits digestive function. Once the body is digesting properly, the immune system can function more efficiently.

Immune Health –

Seaweeds, such as Kelp and Dulse, can contain as much as 10-20x the vitamin and mineral content of land plants. These bioavailable nutrients are easily absorbed which enables the body to better utilize them.

Containing concentrated amounts of iodine, sea vegetables are a natural way to support healthy thyroid function, enhance energy, balance digestion and boost the immune system. Supplement with Kelp-Dulse capsules and experience vitality from the sea.
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