A New Herbal Tonic for all Seasons

by Dr. Bruce Baar

In the early spring of 1930, a young woman of 19 years of age was distraught. She was suffering from a variety of serious skin eruptions and was desperately seeking advice from Edgar Cayce. The pimples and boils were affecting her self-image.

New Seasons, Herbal Tonic 545

The advice she was given by Edgar Cayce was to stay away from excessive sugars and a disproportionate amount of meats. She was advised to take a specific tonic 30 minutes before each meal. This tonic was said to improve her digestive and elimination issues. This tonic today is called New Seasons™ Herbal Tonic 545.

Cayce spoke about variations of this revitalizing formula in many readings, but he said this specific tonic would be “good for everyone.” Its specific use has been described to enhance eliminations, cleanse the body of accumulated toxins and energize the body.

New Seasons™ Herbal Tonic 545 Ingredients

The ingredients of New Seasons Herbal Tonic 545 are listed below with information from Edgar Cayce that may provide insight into how the formula works:

“The active principle from the wild cherry bark with the other ingredients is a stimulation to the lungs, throat and bronchials, and those organs above the diaphragm.” (Cayce)

“Wild cherry bark is a direct activative force upon the pneumogastrics and the pulmonary system.” (Cayce)

“The sarsaparilla works with the gastric juices of the stomach, and the eliminations in the peristaltic movement through the intestinal tract.” (Cayce)

“The yellow dock root is an emit and blood purifier, an active principle with the secretions of the liver.” (Cayce)

“The prickly ash bark acts directly with the activative forces in the liver itself, in the gall duct, and as a stimulant to the pancreas and spleen’s activity.” (Cayce)

“Whenever the dose is taken shake the solution well together, and the dose would be half a teaspoonful four times each day, BEFORE the meals and before retiring. This will assist in clarifying the whole system…” (Cayce)

New Seasons™ Herbal Tonic 545, a tonic that is said to be “good for everyone” and “will assist in clarifying the whole system,” is a wonderful addition to our personal health collection.
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