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2 Great Product Options for Crude Oil Hair Treatment

Concerned about thinning hair and hair loss? Many men and women may experience mild hair loss at some point in their life. Sometimes hair loss is a result of normal life variations such as stress, nutritional changes and hormone fluctuations. But other times, your hair can become brittle, damaged, and prone to breakage, leading to visible hair loss. You may be able to prevent some hair loss and damage by taking steps to keep your hair and scalp healthy using the unique benefits of Pennsylvania Crude Oil, Crudoleum®. Ancient Persians, 10th century Sumatrans and pre-Columbian as well as American Indians all used Crude Oil for its medicinal benefits. Now, crude oil hair treatment is available in 2 hair care products!

2 Great Product with Pennsylvania Crude Oil, Crudoleum®

1) Pennsylvania (PA) Crude Oil Scalp Treatment, Crudoleum®

Crudoleum Scalp Treatment

Pennsylvania (PA) Crude Oil Hair Treatment, Crudoleum®, is a great option for those looking to add life to their hair and condition the scalp. This unique product revitalizes thin, lifeless hair, adding body and shine with just weekly use. Pennsylvania Crude Oil comes from oil wells in Pennsylvania. This Crude Oil is unrefined with a strong, natural scent. Customers have been using and enjoying the results of this product for over 50 years.

Crude Oil repairs damaged hair, restores body and shine, while cleansing the scalp. Simply massage a small amount of it into the scalp and allow it to sit for 30 to 45 minutes. Before using this Crude Oil hair treatment, it is important that the user tests the product on the inside of the elbow and monitor for irritation.

2) Nature’s Oleum Gel Scalp Treatment


For those looking for a bit more control while using the PA Crude Oil Hair Treatment, we offer Nature’s Oleum Scalp Treatment. This product is also formulated with genuine PA Crude Oil, but is formulated as a gel for easier application and less mess. Apply weekly and allow to sit up to 2 hours. Results may be noticed in 3-4 weeks. Like our original PA Crude Oil Hair Treatment product, Nature’s Oleum® Scalp Treatment will stimulate your scalp and encourage thicker hair growth.

Both of these products are popular among our customers who have been searching for the answer to thin, dry, damaged hair. Above and beyond treating hair, this Crude Oil hair treatment will also condition the scalp and encourage healthy hair growth! If you’d like to see thicker, shinier hair, try out our PA Crude Oil or Nature’s Oleum! Be sure to share your experience for others’ benefit as well. We love hearing the many ways these products help our customers!

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