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Nature's Oleum Scalp Treatment - Pennsylvania Crude Oil Gel

Purchase Nature's Oleum Scalp Treatment - Pennsylvania Crude Oil Gel

Nature's Oleum Scalp Treatment - Pennsylvania Crude Oil Gel

Item #: 9783
Size 4 fl. oz.

Nature's Oleum® Scalp Treatment
Pennsylvania Crude Oil Gel in a Pump Bottle

  • Crudoleum® Gel
  • Encourages Fuller, Thicker Hair
  • Restores Hair & Scalp to a Healthy Condition
  • Repairs Dry, Damaged, Brittle Hair
  • Adds Body & Shine
  • Easy to Apply Gel Formula
  • Easy to Dispense Pump Bottle
  • Less Mess than Regular Crude Oil Treatment
  • Just Pump the Gel into Your Palm and Massage Into Your Scalp
  • Condition with Nature's Oleum® Scalp Rinse - #9788
  • Edgar Cayce Formula for Thinning Hair
  • Strong Oil Scent
Crudoleum: Restore Hair & Scalp Health

Nature's Oleum® is a scalp treatment that invigorates and stimulates hair follicles while restoring scalp health. This Cayce formula is easy to dispense and offers targeted application to all areas of the scalp.

Edgar Cayce mentioned Pennsylvania Crude Oil many times in his readings to stimulate and clean the scalp, improve the fullness and shine of your hair, and to help with graying hair and hair loss. It adds a rich sheen to hair while conditioning and nourishing the scalp. It adds moisture and body to dry, brittle or damaged hair. Crude Oil works to restore your hair to its natural healthy condition. Our Pennsylvania Crude Oil is extracted from our oil wells in Pennsylvania. This is REAL crude oil with no refinement. It will have a STRONG oil scent.

Step 1: Pump & Massage Nature's Oleum Scalp Treatment into scalp - #9783 (Once a week).
Step 2: Follow with Nature's Oleum® Conditioning Scalp Rinse - #9788 or Pennsylvania Crude Oil Hair/Scalp Rinse - #9671.
Step 3: Cleanse & Nourish your hair with Olivae™ Shampoo - #10000 and follow with Olivae™ Conditioner - #10001. Use Crudoleum Shampoo for daily maintenance.
Step 4: Take Herbal Tonic 636 - #9636 as a dietary supplement to support the glandular system.

Dr. Baar's Dietary Suggestions:
  • AVOID: Fried, greasy foods, fried meats, starches and refined sugars.
  • One of the following Iodine Supplements:

  • Cooked potato skins in patapar to be eaten 2 or 3 times a week.
  • Seafood eaten about 3 times a week.
  • Green, leafy vegetables included in lunch.

Suggested Use: Gently but thoroughly massage Nature's Oleum into scalp with finger tips. Leave on for two hours, then spray Nature's Oleum Hair Conditioning Rinse (#9788) or Crude Oil Hair/Scalp Rinse (#9671). Follow by washing hair with Olivae™ Shampoo. Best Results if used once a week. When the bottle is nearly empty, tap the bottle on a hard surface to get the Nature' Oleum to the bottom. This will allow it all to be pumped out.

Ingredients: Pennsylvania Crude Oil, Petrolatum.

Customers' Experiences:

"I have been using the Herbal tonic 636 and Nature's Oleum for about 6 months and I have noticed some slight hair growth that did not exist before. It does work...! " - R.G., Arlington, TX

"I am very happy how the Nature's Oleum Scalp Treatment and Nature's Oleum Scalp Conditioner and Rinse are helping my hair health." - F.C., Yonkers, NY

"This is my 2nd order for the Nature's Oleum Scalp Treatment Crude Oil Gel. I was skeptical when I placed my 1st order, as I have tried other treatments that DID NOT WORK. Well, the Nature's Oleum Crude Oil Gel did work! I noticed a difference, and so did my hairdresser... The volume of my hair has increased considerably. I've done 11 weekly treatments and will continue for more positive results." - A.E., Shiremanstown, PA

"I really like this product Nature's Oleum Scalp Treatment, it really makes my hair look nice. I really, really like the PA Crude Oil shampoo as well, these help my resistently dry, thin and dull hair look fabulous. Your products are fantastic!" - C.D., Arlington, TX

"I use the Scalp Treatment and the Hair Dressing. The Scalp Treatment is so easy to use and helps my very thin hair look fuller. The Dressing is super. My hair doesn't go flat and has some body when I use it. These really work well together. I'm totally addicted!" - L.N., Brandywine, PA

Warning: For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Test on a small area of skin prior to use. Keep out of reach of children.