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Body Massager

Body Massager
Item #: 4120
Single Price: $36.95

All-Body Massager
2 Speed, 4 Attachments

  • Increases Circulation
  • Relieves Pain & Fatigue
  • Lightweight & Quiet

The All-Body Massager will help relieve your everyday aches and pains with the benefits of a soothing and relaxing massage. This versatile electric two-speed unit comes with 4 different attachments that allow you to customize your massage experience. The two speeds allow you to choose from gentle slow massage or a faster deep massage. The 4 different attachments provide excellent massage options for relief from head to toe. The All-Body Massager is conveniently light weight (around 2 pounds) and quiet. 120v, 60HZ

Our Massager comes with these attachments:

1.General Suction Cup Applicator - (Shown in picture above) - For general all body massage.
2. Scalp Stimulator - Delivers effect scalp massage, loosens dandruff and is soothing and relaxing.
3. Facial Vitalize - Provides beneficial revitalizing facial massage (apply cold cream or lotion to face prior to use).
4. Spot Applicator - Lets you apply deep pinpoint massage action to the exact body area needing relief.

Image of General Body Massage Attachment, Scalp Massage Attachment, Facial Massage Attachment, and Spot Application Massage Attachment for the All-Body Massager.

Do not use while bathing or in the shower. Always unplug device after use. Do not use massager without attachments.