Specially Formulated Castor Oil From Baar Products
The Natural Way To Rid
Your Lawn and Garden of Moles!

Also chases armadillos, voles, gophers, squirrels & chipmunks
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Why Moles Don't Like Our Castor Oil
How Much Should I Use?
How To Order Castor Oil

About Baar Products
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How To Use in a Sprinkler System
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Why Moles Don't Like Our Castor Oil:

There are many, many different types of castor oil. There is a type of castor oil for soaps, another for sealants, another you may have taken internally, another for pharmaceuticals, just to name a few. Don't waste your time, money and energy with these types of Castor Oil, they will not work. We formulate a particular type of scented castor oil that is specifically repulsive to lawn moles. The scent, texture and composition of our oil makes these unwelcome critters want to vacate your premises as fast as they can, and that's good news for you. Added bonus: Our customers report that our castor oil is also effective in chasing armadillos, voles, and gophers! And it's 100% natural and safe for your lawn, garden and pets! No need to mix or add ingredients.
Added Bonus: If you wish to try the most famous Baar castor oil formulas that have been used by the experts to get rid of these critters, we will send them to you FREE with your order.

How Much Should I Use?

When using a garden hose and sprayer, the Gallon size treats up to 20,000 square feet. One Quart treats up to 5,000 sq. feet. Best to buy a sufficient supply for re-application. The formula should be applied 2 times per month then apply as needed for maintence. New 5 Gallon size available!

How to Order Castor Oil:

Call Baar Products toll-free at 1-800-269-2502, Monday - Friday 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM Eastern Time.

Or simply click on "Add to Basket" under the pictures above to place your order now.
Note: FREE SHIPPING on your INTERNET order if it is over $99.95. (That's about 3 gallons or more)

About Baar Products, Inc.:
We are a family owned Natural Health Care Company located in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. Our specially formulated castor oil for getting rid of Lawn Moles is sought after throughout the world.

(c) Baar Products, Inc. Bruce Baar, MS, ND and
Kathy Baar, RDH, BS seek out botanicals
from many sources to use in their products.
Baar Products manufacturing facility located in Downingtown, Pennsylvania, about 30 miles west of Philadelphia.
Place your order by calling 1-800-269-2502.
For questions call 610-873-4591 M-F 9AM-5PM Eastern Time.

(NOTE: Feel free to print out this page and pass it on to your neighbor. In case all your moles end up in their lawn!)

How to use Baar Castor Oil with an In-ground Sprinkler System
The following is an interview with Mr. Harper discussing how he set it up his sprinkler system to dispense the Baar Lawn Mole Castor Oil:

Bruce: You had mentioned you had great success with our Lawn Mole Castor Oil ...

Mr. Harper: ...I had been looking for something that I could put in my sprinkler system and not have to tote around a hose and sprayer.

Bruce: Is this a sprinkler system installed in your home lawn?

Mr. Harper: It's at our home, it is an inground sprinkler system fed by a deep well.
...On one side of the pump, on the delivery side of pump, we hooked up a PVC pipe that sucks air and helps to distribute water among the different cycles. While the water is being distributed we can tap into the air flow and put some kind of substance; fertilizer, Miracle Grow, and even your Baar Lawn Mole Castor Oil. It goes through there and instead of having to use a lawn hose we can turn our sprinkler on, use a 4 min or 5 min timer and do each one of our sections. We have 7 sections to our lawn sprinkler system and its done. All I have to do is sit there and read or relax in a chair! When the timer goes off I start the next section and do this until I'm finished. You see, what I do is put your Castor Oil in a bucket and at the end of the bucket is a hose that is suctioning up the material and sending it and out through the sprinkler with the regular water I am using to water the lawn.

Bruce: I see, so you have this hose hooked up to a pipe that sucks air in...

Mr. Harper: It's kind of like siphoning gas from a car then redirecting the gas out of the bucket into another pump delivery and distributing it all the way through the yard. It has also kept my squirrels away, my neighbors yards are running rampant with squirrels and I haven't seen a one since I started using your castor oil.

I put in new grass seed in the late fall and I was concerned about it. I was also concerned because we have a lot of maple and oak trees - the squirrels like to bury acorns and so forth. When the acorns grow the squirrels dig them out of my yard and leave 1 inch holes. When you have a hundred of them it looks like a mess and the grass starts to die. So I needed a way to keep the squirrels away without annihilating them. I also needed a way to keep the moles and mole crickets away. I heard about the Baar Products Lawn Mole information from a friend and I was wondering if I could broadcast it through my sprinkler system.

Well I did it, it worked and there was another benefit. It seemed to absolutely keep the bugs down - that we weren't counting on. Bugs, like those little flying spiders, whatever the heck they are, and gnats and most importantly mosquitoes. Before I did this I was getting eaten alive until I got to that section, and then the bugs went away, it was like "OK we'll stop bothering you". I hate mosquito bites. The other factor is that I am disabled. I am not able to move around quickly. I use a walker around the house but that's not speedy either. The next time I used your Lawn Mole Castor Oil product I noticed a lot less bugs. But I decide I was going to try to change the location so I could get to my timer on my Rain Bird faster so I got the hose longer and brought it to the end of the...

Bruce: Rain Bird, what's that?

Mr. Harper: My sprinkler system, that's the sprinkler heads that I'm using.
As I got into the foot of my garage where my sprinkler system timer was I could go from one cycle to another by advancing it manually. My neighbors would come over and sit and talk and ask me what I was doing and I'd tell them I was putting Miracle Grow or whatever I has broadcasting at the time, on my lawn.
Me and my neighbor across the street have the greenest, prettiest yards in the neighborhood. While we've always had healthy good looking yards- they look like golf course yards now. Our other neighbors are envious and have been asking what were doing. Were not telling them just yet anyway, about your product - we're still keeping them at bay. And a few days ago I was with my son-in-law from Spartanburg SC and I showed him how to hook it up and I gave him a quart from the gallon I just purchased from you and told him to try it, and he said "are you sure" I said 'sure, just mix it with some dish detergent, and he said what kind and I said the cheapest is the best'.

...I'm using a 50/50 of the Baar Lawn Mole Castor Oil with the dish detergent. I have a cup and I'll use 8 oz oil vs. 8 oz of dish detergent and put it together and stir it with a stick before I even add water to it, and then I add water to it cause I want it a little thinner, and then I'll just add that to about 5 gallons and broadcast to about 4 areas and then I'll need to do another mixture. If I have any mixture leftover Ill put it one of those pump up sprayers and if we have areas that the sprinkler system could not get to or areas that are more persistent, like the fences, the squirrels like to run the fence and I figure that's their mode of transportation from one place to another, so I spray to fence post and they don't even run that one any more.

Bruce: Nice- So it's keeping away the squirrels, the moles and keeping down the bugs. Has it eliminated the gnats and mosquitoes?

Mr. Harper: And it's not something we expected but we're really happy to have learned about and it seems to be, we haven't had any harm to our lawn, and that's another good side bar, you can apply it and not lose grass, people are afraid to put stuff down for fear of losing grass and it will die. We haven't had any consequences like that.

Bruce: How often do you apply it?

Mr. Harper: Depends on the squirrels, usually once every 6 to 7 weeks.

Bruce: Once every 6 to 7 weeks?

Mr. Harper: Yeah, and the first time I applied it again in three weeks and now we are up to 7 so I suspect that each time we make application I can wait that much longer. I can start in harvest season when acorns start to fall and that will keep them out of the yard, and that will help me tremendously, for me I have to [have my lawn] look [good] and its imperative for me to find a way to do my lawn because I still like to do my lawn, but I have kidney problems, liver problems, and major heart problems. So it's something if I'm going to be able to do anything I got to find some way that I can get it done because of my condition. Just because I can't do it the way the instructions say doesn't mean I can't figure out another way to get it down on to the lawn - because I can't drag a hose, not even an empty one, let alone a full one.
... it is even better - my timer is set for to go off at 7:00AM & 7:00PM for irrigation. Now if you wanted to, you can preset a timer for 4 minutes, or as low as you want it, that's all the time it will take for each section and then it will automatically move to the next section. Now my neighbor has 9 sections and he presets his timer and then after its done he'll reset again for time he actually wants to water, he does it that way, I don't cause I have nothing else to do, but he is a working man and has things to do so he'll actually irrigate without having to stand there, so he can, what do you call it multitask, and not worry about the timer, he just needs to watch the bucket and make sure there is material in the bucket, cause you don't want to suck that dry. As you see it half way down then you start adding some material, its pretty simple to do. If you know basic arithmetic you'll know how to do it.

Bruce: How did you hook it up in the very beginning? With your inground sprinkler, is there something common where there is an air inlet that the average person could hook up?

Mr. Harper: Yes, the air inlet pipe that comes out on the water side of the pump. What we did was drill a 1/4 inch hole and then took a 1/4 tap and tapped it in and then got a plastic pipe with thread that matches the threads on the tap, screwed it in with PVC pipe glue making sure that nothing is in the way of the hole. Then we got clear hose and ran it from there to the bucket with the Baar lawn mole mixture in it. You can also regulate the flow if you add a nozzle to it. We added a nozzle and now we can regulate how much of the mixture we want going to each area of the lawn from our small bucket. If you want more in one area then dial it up, depends on what you want.

Bruce: You have your own well water. Would this be the same for someone who has city sewer and water connected to their underground sprinkler system?

Mr. Harper: It can happen. All you would need is the city people to come out and show you where the inlet line goes in. You can't tap into that inlet line but they can attach a pipe to it and attach an air let line into their own pipe.

Bruce: Can the average homeowner do this themselves?

Mr. Harper: Oh, gosh yes, it only cost about 3 dollars worth of parts and that included the PVC glue and I got the pressure gas hose with little whites lines running through it, when my wife went to store first time she got regular gas lines, but it was regular gas hose without any pressurization and our pump pumped to much and sucked those lines closed. The regular gas line is a lot cheaper, than the other, but we got 10 feet of the other and we have not have had that problem since. I wanted the clear so I could see the material as it moves through the lines and make sure there is not obstruction.

Bruce: That's great, that's a neat idea, to be able to see the lines.

Mr. Harper: I don't mind if people write me and ask me, they can send an e-mail, you should have my e-mail, you can put that out, if they have questions I will try to answer them, at least I get to know them better maybe I'll call them direct, if I can help them directly I'd be happy to do that.

Bruce: All right.

Mr. Harper: ... I looked up the University of Georgia section of pesticides to be well informed and looked up different things to get rid of squirrels that would not kill them. I have 3 grandchildren and didn't want them to come see grandpa and have a bunch of dead squirrels in the yard.

Bruce: Plus you don't want your kids to end up with a rash or something from your lawn.

Mr. Harper: Yep, and I have a Basset hound that I love immensely. Our dog has a tendency to run out the doggie door and run right into one of the sprinklers.

Bruce: It's safe for the animals.

Mr. Harper: I've seen him with the water running over him with the castor oil, and I yell, Big Red get out of there and all we do is take a blanket to him, we don't give him a bath or anything like that, and he has never been hurt, his coat actually looks better. I'm sure it's the Baar Castor Oil.

The oil is not harmful and even beneficial as long as it's not to thick or greasy. How about the squirrels on the fences?

Mr. Harper: There are none anymore.

Bruce: So, if you use it, are they gone for 3 weeks or so?

Mr. Harper: The first time, my wife noticed a squirrel on the fence; it was about three weeks and that was a red flag for me, knowing that the material is probably being soaked out or whatever. And so that means we need to do this again, then it was about five weeks and then we started seeing squirrels again, only one or two, not masses of them or anything. Before we started this process we would have a freight train of squirrels going around the house on the fence and getting up on the roof and sky windows, they weren't doing any harm, but they weren't making things peaceful either, my big concern was the yard. Now we are up to 7 to 8 weeks, that we are applying, it looks like 10 weeks will probably be our mark. Once we get settled in with it.

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