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Wet Cell Battery ALS Research Kit

Purchase Wet Cell Battery ALS Research Kit

Wet Cell Battery ALS Research Kit

Item #: 199ALS

Baar Wet Cell Battery "ALS" Research Kit
Parts & Supplies for 3 Months of Application

  • Electrical Immune Therapy
  • Lightweight Container For Easy Handling
  • Non-Breakable Container for Safety
  • Clear, Graduated Container for Easy Mixing & Measuring
  • All Components Pre-Measured
  • For Personal Research Only
  • Vibradex® Starter Solutions Included
  • Instructional DVD Included
  • IMPORTANT: Prior to Ordering, Please Contact Tech Support at 610-873-5343, M-F 9:00AM - 4:00 PM EST.

The Wet Cell Battery is mentioned in over 600 Edgar Cayce readings as a system to enhance the body's natural healing tendencies. This level of current, according to Cayce, seems to imitate the "electrical conditions" in the body. Passing this current through various "healing" solutions enhances the benefits of the Baar Wet Cell therapy. Even though Cayce first described this unit and process over 60 years ago, it appears to tap into much of the healing wisdom current vibrational medicine researchers are discovering.

This system is offered for those researching the Edgar Cayce readings that reference "ALS" We offer this system for personal research only and do not make medical claims for its application. This system is not intended to replace qualified medical care.

Baar Wet Cell Battery "ALS" Research Kit:
This Three Month Kit Includes:

1 kit - #199 Wet Cell Starter Kit includes:

          1 each - #201 Container with Lid - with instructions on lid for easy mixing
          1 each - #203 Nickel Rod
          1 each - #205 Copper Rod
          1 each - #215 Battery Charge Kit  (pre-measured for 1 month of use)
          1 each - #219 Mixing Stick

          1 set - #140 Solution Jar Starter Set includes:

1 each - #122 Small Copper Disc
1 each - #123 Large Disc
1 each - #131 Jumper Wire
1 each - #142 Extra Wide Velcro Belt
1 each - #150 Solution Jar with Storage Cap
1 each - #151 Vibradex® Loop
1 each - #153 Emery Cloth Cleaning Paper
1 each - #133 Brush with Handle

1 set - #141 Additional Solution Jar Set includes: 

1 each - #123 Large Disc 
1 each - #142 Extra Wide Velcro Belt
1 each - #150 Solution Jar with Storage Cap
1 each - #151 Vibradex® Loop
1 each - #153 Emery Cloth Cleaning Paper
1 each - #133 Brush with Handle

Vibradex Solutions:

            3 each - #160 Vibradex Iodine Solution
            6 each -    Vibradex Iodine Stickers
            3 each - #156 Vibradex Camphor Solution
            6 each -      Vibradex Camphor Stickers

Additional Components Included:

2 each - #215 Battery Charge kit (each pre-measured for 1 month of use)
           3 each - #761 Body Beautiful Massage Lotion, 8 oz
           1 each - #165 Chloride of Gold Sodium, 1 gr./oz.
           1 each - #162 Bromide of Soda
           2 each - #153 Emery Cloth Paper   
           1 each - #611DVD - Instructional DVD Set-Up Guide only* 
           1 each - #298 Session Timer
           1 each - #290 Digital Volt Meter

***Order replacement parts below.

*** For use beyond 3 months of application, additional supplies must be purchased.

#611DVD Baar Wet Cell Instructional DVD. The DVD is a step by step setup guide but does not provide specific application instructions. .

The Baar Wet Cell Battery System has been:

  • Suggested in over 1,000 documents by Edgar Cayce.
  • Described in David Atkinson's book "Hope Springs Eternal".

Please contact our Tech Support prior to ordering:  610-873-5343, M-F 9AM-4:00 PM EST
Because we do not sell used kits or parts, this system is not accepted for returns.

Customers' Experiences:

"Just wanted to let you know that my mom has been using the wet cell ALS kit for 1 week now. During this short period of time, she has noticed improvements to her right hand. She is doing tasks she hadn't done in months, like using scissors, opening lids on jars, and turning on lamp switches. Thank you for all of your help." - T.Q. Duncan, S.C.

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

*Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please consult a qualified health care professional for assistance. Results provided by customers' experience are not always typical and individual results may vary.