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Roll-On Castor Oil

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Roll-On Castor Oil

Item #: 758
Size 3 fl oz
Castor Oil, 3 oz. Roll-On
Cold Pressed, Cold Processed
  • The Official "Palma Christi" Castor Oil
  • Excellent Skin Softener
  • Massage into Sore, Stiff Muscles & Joints
  • Great for Eyelash, Eyebrow & Hair Renewal
  • Helps Maintain a Soft, Smooth, Youthful Appearance
  • Endorsed by the A.R.E., the Edgar Cayce Foundation, A.R.E. Health Center and Spa, and the Cayce-Reilly School of Massage Therapy
I can't say enough about what Baar Products' Castor Oil has done for me, my clients and my friends. It is a healing product. I am a licensed massage therapist in NC and I will continue to use this and more of your products. - D.B., NC

Our Roll-On Castor Oil is great for applying to the skin. Just roll it on and rub it in! Use it for topical relief of minor aches and pain, minor skin irritations and sunburn, chapped lips, insect bites and as a facial and skin moisturizer.

Castor oil has been used throughout the ages for its unique therapeutic properties. Today, its many uses include: softening and moisturizing the skin, application for Castor Oil packs, muscle and joint massage, gastrointestinal problems, and for skin conditions such as Eczema and Psoriasis. It is also found in many skin care products. Castor oil applied externally in the form of "packs" is a method of application that is very popular with health care practitioners. The packs have been used to improve assimilation, elimination and circulation; especially of the lymphatic system. See our larger sizes below for Castor Oil pack application.

Baar Products' Castor Oil is also known as Palma Christi or the "Palm of Christ". Our product is cold pressed and cold processed Castor Oil without hexane.

Baar's Castor Oil is endorsed by Edgar Cayce's Association For Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.), the Edgar Cayce Foundation, the A.R.E. Health Center & Spa, and the Cayce-Reilly School of Massotherapy.

Ingredients:100% Cold Pressed, Cold Processed virgin Castor Oil. Unrefined.

Suggested Uses:

Skincare: As a skin softener or moisturizer, apply as needed to maintain a soft, smooth, youthful appearance. Excellent for joint and muscle massage.

Eyebrows and Eyelashes: Apply a small amount to the base of your eyelashes and massage into eyebrows. Keep out of eyes.

Haircare: Apply a few drops onto the scalp and roots of your hair. Gently massage the oil in for about 3 to 5 minutes, cover your head with a shower cap and let the castor oil sit for 1 to 2 hours. When the treatment is done wash out the castor oil with shampoo and conditioner. Repeat this process 1 to 2 times a week to help restore and repair hair health.

Muscles and Joints: Apply a small amount onto the area of the sore and stiff muscle or joint, massage gently to relieve the pain and swelling.

Customers Experiences:

”I've been using this product for 2 months and so far I've gotten better results than the god-awful-smelling chemical junk the doctor prescribed. That Rx was equal to putting nail polish on my nails and it dried out the surrounding skin horribly to the point of peeling. That bottle was tiny and as you got to the bottom, the product started to crystalize and was unusable. I decided to investigate a more natural remedy, so I simply researched what type of acid kills toe fungus. Undecylenic Acid is scientifically proven. The Rx had none of it listed as an ingredient. It was just jacked-up clear nail polish. Undecylenic acid and the base oil are slowly (and I mean slowly) killing the fungus while keeping the surrounding skin soft and happy. Patience is the key and keeping your toenails trimmed regularly.” - Amazon Customer

”I'm a senior citizen whose physically active and my body is a senior citizen also. My physical therapy is always able to get help with the roll-on bottle as it is also a roll-on massager Thanks y'all ma 'halo willewanka!” - Amazon Customer

” Just as advertised. This is easy to use.” - Amazon Customer

”Thought it was a solid roll on but it's a liquid roll on which is even better. Very effective on dry heels and elbows.” - Amazon Customer

"I enjoy the roll-on Castor Oil - it's not as messy, and I find many uses for this handy applicator all over my body." - D.S., Louisville, CO

”Great for travel, perfect for vacations when you get a little sore.” - Amazon Customer

"I've tried the Baar Castor Oil for my eczema and it has been a God send. Great Product!" - K.J.S., Atlanta, GA

"I really love the Roll-On Castor Oil. It is very convenient." – B.W., Reading, PA

"The roll-on castor oil is great for so many things. In fact, a number of years ago, I had poison ivy...again. Only this time I tried Castor Oil. It worked better than any calamine lotion, and took my itch level down to 1, from a 9! Then it cleared up much more rapidly, too. I always share my story with people who have it, and recommend your site, for excellent castor oil... I love the castor oil roll-on and just ordering more! Never stop making this, PLEASE! It's so much easier to use with Castor Oil hot packs and not get your fingers all greasy!" - J.R., Fitchburg, MA

*Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.