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An American Prophet; 534 pages

Purchase An American Prophet; 534 pages

An American Prophet; 534 pages

Item #: 539
Edgar Cayce: An American Prophet
by Sidney D. Kirkpatrick
Including pictures of Cayce Family and Notes by Sidney Kirkpatrick

"In a trance so deep that he was twice declared clinically dead, Cayce prescribed treatments combining innovative technology with holistic medicine that resulted in full cures more than 90 percent of the time."

When New York Times best-selling author and investigative journalist Sidney D. Kirkpatrick was first introduced by Nancy Thurlbeck to Edgar Cayce and his phenomenal psychic abilities, Kirkpatrick thought Cayce was a fraud.

Then Kirkpatrick and Thurlbeck paid a visit to the Association of Research and Enlightenment in Virginia Beach. It was Kirkpatrick's intention to prove that Edgar Cayce did not do what he was claimed to do. Thurlbeck gave him "just enough rope to hang himself." Now, the rest is history--as they say.

Kirkpatrick was bowled over by the huge quantities of evidence to support the truth of Cayce's abilities. The question became--not did Cayce do it--but how and why did he do what he did. Kirkpatrick learned first hand what a bizarre and amazing life that Edgar Cayce and his family and loved ones led. Now he, with the help of Nancy Thurlbeck, tells this incredible story in a book that has been described as "superb" and "the most enlightening book ever written about the seer."