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Baar Wet Cell Pole Sanding Service

Purchase Baar Wet Cell Pole Sanding Service

Baar Wet Cell Pole Sanding Service

Item #: 204Service

After 30 days, the liquid mixture of the Baar Wet Cell Battery must be disguarded and replenished with a new #215 Battery Charge Kit. This is the time the Poles, that were in the battery solution for 28-30 days, need to sanded. That is the service we are providing - proper sanding of the 2 poles and inspection of each pole to be sure they are in working order.

For this service to work for you, it is recommended to have 2 sets of poles. One set (#203 and #205) to have immersed in the Baar Battery mixture, so you can continue using it daily and the other set will be shipped to our facility to be sanded and inspected and back to you in time for the next monthly usage. We will also determine if the poles are “pitted” to the extent that they are not usable. The poles should last a year or more when properly used.

Please submit this service as a separate order, as it is time sensitive. We will require the time needed to receive the poles, provide the sanding service and return-ship the poles. We do not want this service to delay shipment of other items on an order. Thank you.

Baar Wet Cell Pole Sanding Service

  • We Evaluate the Condition of Your Wet Cell Poles
  • We Sand the Poles
  • Properly Sanded Poles are Key to Proper Function
  • Mail the Poles to Us and We will Return them Sanded and Ready for Use

Poles that are unsanded or not sanded correctly can negatively affect the function of the Wet Cell. We are offering this service (to sand and evaluate the Wet Cell poles) to ensure the system works properly. Have peace of mind knowing your Wet Cell system is working as it should.

Return one or both of the Wet Cell poles to us, we will recondition them within 3 business days and mail them back to you! We recommend purchasing a 2nd set of Wet Cell poles to use while this service is being performed so that you can continue daily use, uninterrupted.

If you have any other questions, concerns, or would like more information, please call our technical assistance department at 1-610-873-5343, Monday through Friday, 12:45 pm to 3:45 pm EST.