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Soothing Eczema Cream

Eczema is the result of a group of medical conditions in which patches of skin become itchy, irritated, red and excessively dry. Using an Eczema cream is one way to help relieve the condition. In some cases, Eczema is treated with oral antibiotics, light therapy or medicated lotions. The condition is most commonly experienced by children, but can also affect adults. Eczema can affect some people for years and others for a very short time or only seasonally. For many, their dry skin gets increasingly worse in the winter months.

Image of Psoriasis Cream that also works as an Eczema cream

Depending on the case, Eczema cream is a great way to soothe the symptoms of this aggravating skin condition. Creams that moisturize, nourish and target skin redness, itchiness and scaling can be extremely beneficial. They can also help to protect the skin from further drying and irritation. However, addressing the external aspect of this condition is only part of the process.

In many cases, the skin serves as a window to the body's underlying health. It can signal an internal imbalance or disease. Because of the connection to diet, food sensitivities, allergies and digestive issues, Eczema outbreaks may be an indication that one or more of these triggers are occurring. Addressing the internal root of the problem will provide the best external results.

While the exact causes of Eczema are unknown, there are steps you can take to reduce flare-ups:

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Avoid fried foods
  • Exercise
  • Eliminate refined sugars
  • Limit alcohol and carbonated drinks
  • Identify food sensitivities that can provoke an episode
  • Add dietary herbal teas that strengthen and soothe the intestinal tract
  • Soothe the skin using an effective Eczema cream

Lifestyle modifications are key to managing Eczema, regardless of whether it is mild, moderate or severe. At Baar, we offer solutions to address both the external symptoms as well as the internal imbalances. Consider adding our Slippery Elm Bark Powder (also in capsule form) to your daily water and our Psoriasis Cream for relief of dry, itchy skin. Experience results on the inside and out!








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