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Electronic Timer

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Electronic Timer

Item #: 298
The color of the timers vary.

Session Timer
Convenient, easy to use timer for Radiac, Wet Cell or Castor Oil Pack Therapy Sessions

• Battery Operated
• Clip Mounting
• 99 minute - 59 second countdown

Our new Timer is a great way to keep track of your Wet Cell or Radiac Sessions. With features such as a clip mounting that can attach to any convenient location, simple operation and timing capacity up to 99 minutes 59 seconds, it will be even easier to relax during your session. This timer offers a great memory feature to help remember your last session time so you won't have to reprogram the timer for each session. If you are using a Solution with the Radiac or Wet Cell, set your timer to 30 minutes. The timer will let you know when your session is complete! Takes the worry away and enhances your benefits, enjoyment, meditation and relaxation.

Operating Instructions:
Before use, remove the small protect sheet on the back.
Clear display by pressing 'MIN' and 'SEC' buttons together. Display will now show '00:00'.
Set desired time by pressing minute either the (MIN) or second (SEC) buttons. The numbers will automatically advance if the button is held down for 3 seconds.
Press the 'Start/Stop' button once to start timing. 'M' and 'S' symbols will flash on and off as the timer counts down. Alarm will sound with a loud beep when time is up.

To Stop Alarm Sound: press 'Start/Stop' button.
To Clear the Display: at any time, press 'MIN' and 'SEC' buttons together. Display will now show '00:00'.
To Pause the Timer: while it is counting down, press the 'Start/Stop' button once. Press the 'Start/Stop' button again to continue counting down.
Memory Feature: Pressing the 'Start/Stop' button to stop the alarm sound also resets the display to the last countdown period. (If you want to set a new countdown time, first clear the display and then set the required time).