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Gold Chloride Solution, 5 gr/oz - Vibradex

Purchase Gold Chloride Solution, 5 gr/oz - Vibradex

Gold Chloride Solution, 5 gr/oz - Vibradex

Item #: 155
Size 3 oz

Gold Chloride Solution, 5 gr/oz, 3oz bottle, Vibradex #155

For use with Radiac® Unit or Baar® Wet Cell Battery System Only

  • Incorporates the Vibradex Color Coding System™
  • Minimizes Error During Use
  • Maximizes Simplicity
  • Matches Vibradex Solution Jar Set
  • Matches Disc Attachments
  • Limit Maximum 6 Per Order

Vibradex® Solutions are for use with the Radiac® or the Baar Wet Cell Battery System. All Vibradex® Solutions incorporate the Vibradex Color Coding System™. This minimizes error and helps to assure the proper Solution is used in the proper Vibradex Solution Jar Set. In addition it also helps assure the proper discs are in place.

Vibradex Solutions are used in the Vibradex Solution Jar Starter Set, #140 and/or the Additional Solution Jar Set, #141. Both are designed to be used with the Radiac or the Baar Wet Cell Battery. Be sure to use the Vibradex Stickers Item #143 to be placed on each component of this system.

Suggested Use:
Each 3 ounce bottle lasts approximately 14-15 applications of 1/2 hour to 45 min. each application.

Vibradex® is a registered trademark of Baar. Orders are accepted if there is a previous history of purchasing one of the Cayce systems.