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Vibradex Color Coding System Stickers

Vibradex Color Coding System Stickers
Vibradex Color Coding System Stickers
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Size: 6 Labels
Single Price: $0.50
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6 Gold Stickers
6 Silver Stickers
6 Camphor Stickers
6 Iodine Stickers
6 Blank Stickers

Vibradex Color Coding System™ Stickers
set of 6 stickers

Never use the wrong components again! These convenient stickers help you clearly mark and label your solution jar and solution jar parts.

When using your Radiac or Wet Cell Battery with solutions, each individual solution needs its own jar and corresponding Vibradex™ Loop and discs. If you are using more than one solution, you may find keeping all these parts separate could get confusing and cause a mix-up. You do not want that to happen. Our new labeling system will help you clearly identify which parts go with which solutions. You can label your solution jar, solution jar cap, Vibradex Loop, large disc, solution bottle, zip lock bags, or anything that will help you keep your system organized.

Stickers are sold in a set of six of either Gold, Silver, Camphor, Iodine or Blank. Use the Blank label to create your own custom label. These sticker stickers are specially designed to allow you to write on them. Be safe and protect your components by using this new labeling system

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