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Health and Healing CD

Purchase Health and Healing CD

Health and Healing CD

Item #: 710CD

Two Programs on one CD!
Exclusively available from Baar Products

Nothing parallels the healing power of your mind. Unleash its forces with powerful messages and deep relaxation. You can maintain health and vitality.

Baar Products has created two programs in one so you can accomplish your goals with one CD. We believe that within every one of us is a vast reservior of divine power and untapped ability.

Track 1 (approx 44 minutes):
This session walks you through visualization tools you can use while integrating hypnotherapeutic intervention and "eyes closed" imagery sessions.

Track 2 (approx. 24 minutes):
This session is the soothing sound of the ocean with 33 subliminal messages. These hidden affirmations enter your mind without conscious interference such as doubt, fear and so forth. Soon the messages become your own inner dialog that says Yes! - I can do it. Messages like "I am Healthy", "I am free of pain", "I am loved", "I feel great", etc.

Approved for use with the Radiac and the Baar Wet Cell Battery.