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New Wave Shower Filter Replacment Cartridge

Purchase New Wave Shower Filter Replacment Cartridge

New Wave Shower Filter Replacment Cartridge

Item #: 282

This Product is (1) Replacement Shower Cartridge fitted only for New Wave's Shower Filter, Product #283.


Questions Asked About the Shower Filter

New Wave Shower Filter REplacement CartridgeWhat are the Benefits of using the New Wave shower filter?
  • Moister, smoother skin. Less need for moisturizers.
  • Heathier hair - less brittle, fewer split ends and broken shafts
  • Relieves irritated eyes and lungs.
  • Effectively removes Chlorine and Hydrogen Sulfide
  • Reduces chlorine gases and their absorption into your lungs and skin
  • Removes Odors and Dirt Particles
  • Controls bacteria, mold and mildew in bathrooms

What is the effect of chlorine in the shower?
Chlorine is a toxic gas that attacks living cells. It was invented and used during W.W.I. as an agent in chemical warfare. It is used today as an additive to drinking water to kill micro-organisms which are harmful to individuals. While this is an important health benefit, chlorine itself is not beneficial.

Chlorine attacks organic material. The skin and its oils being organic, chlorine creates a dermal drying effect. Chlorine also vaporizes when it comes in contact with hot water, therefore you end up inhaling it into your lungs. The skin also absorbs chlorine. According to experts, five times more chlorine enters the body through the skin, as compared to drinking eight glasses of chlorinated water per day.

How long will it be before I notice results?
A minimum of five to seven days is required for hair and skin to restore their normal balance. Elimination of a chlorine odor will be immediate.

How long will this New Wave shower filter last?
The life-span of the New Wave filter depends more on water quality then actual usage. Hard water and a greater amount of sediment will shorten the filter's life-span. On average the filter will last between one to one and a half years. Initially the filter will remove approximately ninety-four percent of the chlorine. When the filter is nearing the end of its life-span it's effectiveness drops to about fifty percent.

How does the shower filter work?
A patented mixture of zinc and copper called KDE converts the chlorine into zinc-chloride. This alloy is neutral and will not release any copper or zinc into the water.
Our shower filter contains 18 ounces of filter media therefore providing you with long lasting use.

Your Premium Shower Filter housing is warranted for 1 year from the date of PURCHASE for defects. Its internal replacement cartridge is warranted for 1 year for any manufacturing malfunction. The useful life of the filter cartridge varies depending on water conditions and usage and therefore is not under warranty for usage. Made in USA.