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NonyX Nail Gel

NonyX Nail Gel
Item #: 9101

Size: 4 oz (120g)
Single Price: $31.95

NonyX Nail Gel
For Clear, Healthy-looking Nails

  • Breaks Downs and Removes Keratin Debris
  • Improves Nail Color
  • Diabetic Friendly
  • 3-6 month supply

NonyX Gel breaks down and removes keratin debris, the source of dark or yellow discoloration under nails. Once keratin debris is removed, nails look clear and attractive.

An all natural, penetrating, topical gel that restores nail clarity. This all-natural patented gel takes a two-pronged approach to clearing dark, yellowing, discolored or thickened toenails and fingernails. First NonyX gel penetrates the nail plate, where it breaks down and exfoliates keratin debris, the source of nail discoloration and increased thickness. Second, NonyX gel lowers pH to deep-cleanse the nail plate and establish a hygienic environment for growth. One bottle provides a 3 to 6 month supply, depending on number of nails receiving gel applications.

Q: How long will it take to get out the keratin debris?
A: As keratin debris is exfoliated, the nail will reattach to the nail bed and start to look clear. The process depends on how much keratin debris is under your nails and how large of a debris pocket you have. It can take anywhere from 3 months to 12 months to remove all the keratin debris, depending on how much is there to begin with and your age. The older we are the slower our nails grow. It takes nail growth to see the pocket of keratin debris get smaller.

Q: What if my nails look no different after a month of using NonyX Nail Gel?
A: Be patient and be sure you are applying the drop of gel to the surface and underneath the tips of discolored nails (unless they are thin from taking antidepressants). And be sure to apply the gel twice daily and especially after bathing. Remember, it takes 21 days to make a habit. After that, you won't mind applying the gel. In 3 to 4 weeks you should be able to scrape out some of the softened keratin debris from under your toenails or fingernails. Do not force the manicure tool or orange stick down into your nail - just scrape it along the underside of the nail tip. (Softened keratin debris looks like cottage cheese on your manicure tool.) At 2 months nail growth is visible to the eye and you should see a smaller pocket or border of keratin debris along the nail edges. Weekly, use your manicure tool to remove any additional softened keratin debris, being sure to wipe it down with some additional NonyX Nail Gel afterwards to keep it clean.

Q: Can nail color be used while using NonyX?
A: Regarding your question below, apply NonyX under the nail tip if you are wearing polish. It will not penetrate nail polish. To speed results, when you are not wearing polish, apply NonyX to the top surface of your nail then cover with a Band-Aid. NonyX will work faster if it stays wet. Remove Band-Aid after one or two days. Then reapply polish.

Directions: Remove paper seal and replace cap. Gently shake the bottle until gel fills the applicator nozzle. Remove black cap and apply one or two drops of NonyX Nail Gel twice daily to the surface of discolored nails and under the edge of the nail. Spread the gel out over the nail surface with the applicator tip. For best results, always apply after bathing. After 3 to 6 weeks gently scrape out any softened keratin debris from under your nails with a manicure tool. Overall nail appearance will improve in the weeks and months that follow. Continue daily application for a total of 6 to 12 months or until all keratin debris is removed. To keep nails looking clear and attractive, use daily, especially after bathing.

Band-Aid Method:
Apply gel to your nail and under the nail tip. Place a fresh Band Aid over the nail area. NonyX works faster if the gel stays moist on your nail. Avoid getting the gel on your skin, however. Remove the Band Aid before bathing. After bathing, pat your nail dry, add more NonyX and repeat with a fresh Band Aid. If you do not bath frequently, then change the Band Aid every other day. Weekly, use your manicure tool to remove any additional softened keratin debris, being sure to wipe it down with some additional NonyX Nail Gel afterwards to keep it clean.

Ingredients: Deionized water, ethanoic acid, xanthan gum, fragrance.

No preservatives. Paraben-free. Biodegradable. Not tested on animals. Made in USA.

Customers Experiences:

"NonyX is doing a great job. The brownish nail color is now beautifully clear. Like a baby's toes!" - W.T.B. Detroit, MI

"NonyX has worked wonderfully on my nails! I can't tell you how pleased I am. My nails look perfectly clear. NonyX Nail Gel is super!" - M.C. Averill Park, NY

"Thank you so much for giving me back my ability to wear sandals and to feel good about my appearance" - J.I.

"I purchased NonyX one month ago and the results have been amazing! My toenails are starting to look like new! Please make everyone aware that they should use your product. NonyX Works!!" - W.W. E. Orange, NJ

Warning: For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid eye contact. This product contains an eye irritant. If eye contact occurs, flush with cool water immediately.