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The Many pH Balance Mouthwash Uses

Baar's AlkaCare® mouthwash alkalizes your mouth protecting teeth and soothing gums. Add a refreshing start to your day and experience the added benefits of restoring the mouth's natural pH by reducing acidity and soothing sore, tender gums. Incorporating AlkaCare with your brushing and flossing routine can improve the health of your teeth and gums… for a lifetime. Support your dental care with a few of these pH balance mouthwash uses below:

Image of AlkaCare that has ph balance mouthwash uses

1. Daily Oral Hygiene: AlkaCare® helps to balance the pH in your mouth, which strengthens overall oral health. Because of its alkalizing properties, AlkaCare is gentle and does not produce the burning sensation that many mouthwashes can create. Use this versatile mouthwash to gargle regularly, cleanse the mouth and freshen breath, soothe sore throats and provide relief for mouth ulcers and abrasions.

2. Cleaning Dentures: Rinsing and brushing dentures in warm water with a denture brush that has been moistened in AlkaCare can help reduce plaque buildup and eliminate denture odors. Just dilute the wash with two parts water to one part mouthwash and brush or soak dentures. It's another great pH balance mouthwash use.

3. Personal Hygiene: Soak a cloth with AlkaCare and apply to skin to provide temporary relief of poison ivy, sunburn, insect bites and hives.

4. Soothing Pack: Add AlkaCare® to a cotton or wool flannel cloth (3 layers in thickness) and apply over sinuses, liver, kidneys or head for penetrating relief. Once saturated, apply the flannel cloth to the desired area, put plastic wrap over it and add moderate heat (optional). A heating pad may be used to further enhance absorption.

5. Clean Toothbrush: Allow your toothbrush to soak for a few minutes in a glass filled with AlkaCare. It can help reduce harmful bacteria that collect with daily use.

6. Underarm Odor: Dampen a cotton ball or cloth with AlkaCare and cleanse the armpit area. Do not apply immediately after shaving….

These are just a few of the many resourceful pH balance mouthwash uses that do more than just freshen breath. So, before you head to the store for a sanitizer, astringent or deodorant, consider AlkaCare for your personal and dental needs!







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