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Vibradex 185 - Lyme's Solution

Purchase Vibradex 185 - Lyme's Solution

Vibradex 185 - Lyme's Solution

Item #: 185
Size 3 oz.

Vibradex® #185 - Lyme's Solution
Baar Compound Solution for Use with Radiac® Unit or Baar Battery System ONLY

  • Used ONLY with either the Radiac® unit or Baar Wet Cell System.
  • Must be used with a Solution Jar Starter Set or Additional Solution Jar Set.
  • Used for 1/2 hour sessions.  
  • 1 Bottle allows for 14 to 15 sessions.
  • 30 Day Use Recommended - 2 Bottles

The Vibradex® #185 is for use when you suspect a tick bite. Specifically a Deer Tick bite. This compound formula lasts for 14 to 15 (1/2 hour) uses. Must be used with a Solution Jar Starter Set #140 and/or the Additional Solution Jar Set #141.
For use ONLY with either the Radiac® unit or Baar Wet Cell system.

If you have ANY questions, please call our technical assistance line at 610-873-5343, or Contact Us.

Customers' Experiences:

"I suffer from Lyme disease and planned to live a very depressed, confused, and painful life. I used the Radiac and (Vibradex®) Solution 185. I have found the solution to be more effective than a long-course of doxcicyclene antibiotics. This solution has taken me from living with about 50% of my normal vitality before Lyme disease to about 95% of my normal vitality. Without this solution, I would be hopeless. One four day treatment with this solution was more powerful than the doxcicyclene and it has a lower relapse rate. Baar's (Vibradex®) solution #185 is saving my life." - N.S., Case #175047

"I have had Lyme's disease for the past 10 years. I suffered with headaches, joint pain, severe short term memory loss, fatigue, and severe shortness of breath. I ordered the Radiac (with Vibradex® 185) about 2 weeks ago. I used the Radiac the first four day cycle without the solution and then took a few days off. I then did one four day cycle with the solution. The first cycle I noticed more energy and fewer, less severe headaches. After the first day using the solution, I could already tell the solution was attacking whatever causes the difficulty breathing. The congestion started to break up and I could take a full lung full of air without difficulty/coughing fits. By the end of the first cycle with the Vibradex® 185 Solution I felt better than I have for years I can't wait to continue using the Radiac. I have slept sounder/better, less fatigue, and greater mental clarity than I have in literally 10 years. I would recommend the Radiac to anyone for improved sleep and more energy, let alone if they have had to suffer through the awful disease associated with Lyme's. I will be ordering another Radiac unit soon for my wife. Thanks." - R.M., Case #165354