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Vibrational Energy

Mentioned in the Edgar Cayce readings over 1,000 times to help refresh and realign the human body's energy systems, both within and around the body, the Radiac is a highly specialized unit that helps to tune and enhance the vibratory forces that promote energy and well-being within the body.

The Wet Cell Battery is mentioned in over 600 Edgar Cayce readings as a system to help enhance the body's natural healing tendencies. The unit generated a current, according to Cayce, that seems to imitate the "electrical conditions" in the body. Passing this current through various "healing" solution enhances the benefits of the Baar Wet Cell Battery therapy. Requires technical support prior to ordering.

At the heart of the Violet Ray is the Tesla coil, named for Nikola Tesla (1853-1943), the electrical engineer, scientist, inventor and discoverer, who was granted 1,200 patents and is best known for his contribution of alternating currents. His coils are still used in may products.