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6 oz. Vibradex Solution Jar and Loop

Purchase 6 oz. Vibradex Solution Jar and Loop

6 oz. Vibradex Solution Jar and Loop

Item #: 1490
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6 Ounce Vibradex® Solution Jar with Vibradex Loop

  • Recommended in Specific Edgar Cayce Readings
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- Two 3 oz. bottles of a Vibradex® solution will fill this Vibradex Solution Jar.
- Clean the Vibradex® Loop under running water with the brush with handle, #133.
- The Vibradex® Loop will require replacement with extended use. It must be tested when dry, with the Digital Volt Meter, #290. When not in use, the Vibradex Solution Jar - Black Storage Cap should be used to store the respective Vibradex solution.
- Vibradex Color Coding System™ Stickers clearly mark and label your solution jar and solution jar parts.