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Iodex Booklet

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Iodex Booklet

Item #: I6821
Size 29 pgs
Informational Booklet

  • Great for the Doctor's Office
  • Share with Your Local Pharmacy
  • Read Customers Success Stories
  • A Customer Favorite for Generations
  • Over 110 Years of Healing
For over 110 years, families have reported significant improvements when applying IODEX® to cuts, scrapes, insect bites, rashes, carbuncles, sores, and minor burns. Keep a jar handy in your home medicine cabinet, at work, in your car, or with your camping gear. The sooner Iodex is applied to the affected area, the better the chance of reducing infection. This topical antiseptic has been available since 1910.


Muscle & Joint Pain
Sore Throat & Swollen Glands
Bug Bites
Blisters & Boils
Cuts, Scrapes & Skin Infections
Planter Fasciitis
Splinters & Slivers
Bruising & Swelling
Use on Animals
Old-Time Remedy
....and more!

Customer Testimonials:

"My husband's grandparents were the first to use Iodex Topical Antiseptic Ointment. They passed it on to their children (one being my husband's mother). She passed it on to my husband & I, and we passed it to our children, and then to our grandchildren. Now our great-grandchildren are having it used on them. We estimate that our family has used Iodex for a good 100 years. Our granddaughter growing up would create a great trauma when hurt. We tried to put on medicines other than Iodex on her wound. She would put it on herself when she found that it did not sting or cause more hurt to the wound. I have used it on my badly chapped lips and on a cold sore. It heals. It lasts a long time and there isn't a time limit on it because we have had a jar that lasted for a good 10 years. It still worked like when we bought it new. I tell everyone I know about it. It's wonderful at healing wounds and drawing out infections, splinters, and small thorns." – B.R., Beaver, UT

"I am sixty-five years young and Iodex has been a remedy in my family as long as I can remember. Recommended by my mother (who is now ninety-three) for everything from healing a cut, wound, burn and making the pigment return (we are black Americans), I recall her sending me to the drug store to buy a new little bottle and being curious about it as a boy in New York City. As time passed, the pharmacist would half to whip-out a special book to find and order it and many had never heard of it! It is too bad most do not carry it anymore... Bravo!" - N.B., Charleston, SC

"Iodex is a mainstay in my medicine chest, as well as, in the medicine chest of every member of our family (including, by choice, the 20-40 year old ‘kids’). It’s our ‘go to’. I am 60, and this product has been in use in our family for at least 4 generations now. As a kid, it was called ‘black magic’ in our household. Obviously, black for the color, and magic for how magically it worked. Every sore throat that anyone in our family has ever had, was treated with Aspirin, then Iodex lightly rubbed on our throats followed by a warm towel wraps. (old towels, as it does stain). No one ever held a sore throat for more than 3 days. Also used on bug bites, skin scrapes/scratches, skinned knees, minor skin infections and bruises. There was a time where Iodex was hard to find and had to special order through a pharmacy. Making it more difficult, the pharmacists’ weren’t aware of the product, making it even harder to come by. We are so happy to find that Baar carries Iodex. Thank you!" – C.S.H., Aurora, CO

"My grandfather Lieutenant Colonel E.H.L. DVM U.S Cavalry, was assigned to Fort Bliss, TX in 1909-1913. At this time, he was introduced to Iodex. After his military career ended, he opened his own Veterinarian practice in Burlingame, Kansas. He used Iodex in his practice and when he passed away and his business was sold, there were a large quantity of half dollar size aluminum containers of Iodex. That Iodex supply served my family well for many years. The last I saw was in my mother’s house when she passed away in 2007... I thought I would try it on these awful Oak mites we suddenly have in the Midwest... Yours truly" - E.H.L. (retired teacher)