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Arthro Boost

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Arthro Boost

Item #: 6631
Size 8 fl oz / 237 mL
Volume Pricing
1 $21.95 each
2+ $20.95 each

Arthro® Boost Massage Oil
Extra Penetrating Relief

  • Soothes Stiff, Aching Joints
  • Nourishes Muscles, Ligaments & Tendons
  • Eases Minor Aches and Pains
  • Cayce Inspired Formula
  • BPA Free Bottle

Contains the same beneficial properties as the original Arthro®, with an added "Boost" from higher concentrations of pain-relieving Peanut and Sassafras oils to improve muscle flexibility for easier bending and stretching.

Massage this proprietary blend of nutrient-rich oils into muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments, and along the spine to promote healthy circulation, loosen stiffness and relieve aching. Apply to local muscle and joint areas or as a full body rub. Used by physical therapists, massage therapists and health care practitioners. Add to your bath for a soothing, relaxing end to your day.

Quality Ingredients:

Peanut Oil: Expeller pressed and cold-processed for maximum essential minerals and nutrients. According the Cayce: "There is nothing better... Those who would take a peanut oil rub each week need never fear arthritis."

Sassafras Oil: Frequently cited in the Cayce readings as a massage oil intended to strengthen muscles and tendons, promote the circulation of blood and lymph, and assist with nervous system coordination. Arthro Boost contains only pure Sasafras Oil, not processed or food-grade Sassafras.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Packed with the antioxidants and nutrients and penetrates deeply into the skin. Cayce said that Olive Oil is "one of the most effective agents for stimulating muscular activity that may be applied to a body."  From organically grown olives.

Pure Lanolin: Commonly recommended by Cayce for skin care and massage formulas, Lanolin is an excellent moisturizer and emollient. It soothes and softens the skin, and provides a natural, healthy glow.

Oil of Pine Needles: A botanical analgesic to relieve swelling and minor pain caused by inflammation.

Customers' Experiences:

”The massage oil worked into my skin quickly, providing a pleasant scent and soothing tired muscle after a workout. I did notice the scent lingers well into the day.” - Amazon Customer

“[Arthro Boost] works well on stiff knees. I ended up giving some of my bottle to a friend.” - S.V., Navarre, OH

”Smells great and has a very long working time. The viscosity is very nice and runny too. I used it around sensitive areas and cause no irritation or discomfort whatsoever. I'm very happy with the oil :)” - Amazon Customer

"Arthro Boost works exactly as billed. Excellent Arthritis pain & joint relief in minutes after application! Apply and rub in twice per day." R.R., Bedford, VA

"Arthro boost helps a lot with the arthritis in my knees and wrist. Great product." - L.H., Henderson, NV

"I'm into week two of using Arthro Boost on an arthritic stiff knee I've dealt with for years. Your product is providing genuine relief more than any other product tried. Thank you & thanks to Edgar Cayce!" - M.N., Pittsburg, KS

"I gave Arthro Boost to my mom who began developing arthritis in her knee, and she is now able to hike again! She says it does not burn like most topical pain relieving products, and it works much better too! Thank you." - M.K., Chester County, PA

"Arthro Boost massages easily into the skin. The formula uses real Sassafras instead of fragrance which I REALLY LIKE. You can really smell the Sassafras, which is nice. You did a great job with the formulation." - J.R., West Nyack, NY

Suggested Use:
Shake well before use. Apply to skin and massage until oil is completely absorbed.

Peanut Oil, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Lanolin, Oil of Pine Needles, and  Sassafras Oil.

NO artificial fragrances, colors, preservatives or stabilizers.

For external use only. Do not apply to broken or irritated skin. Do not use if pregnant or nursing. If skin sensitivity occurs, discontinue use. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of the reach of children.

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.