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Iodex, Topical Antiseptic Ointment

Purchase Iodex, Topical Antiseptic Ointment

Iodex, Topical Antiseptic Ointment

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Iodex®, Regular
Topical Antiseptic Salve

  • Used for Minor Cuts and Wounds
  • Prevents Infections
  • Promotes Healing of Cuts and Wounds
  • Inhibits Growth of Any Bacteria
  • Does Not Contribute to Antibiotic Resistance
  • Made in U.S.A.

As long as this salve remains in contact with body tissues in minor cuts, wounds and abrasions, the iodine gradually separates from the molecule of the carrier and inhibits the growth and action of bacteria and promotes healing. This product has been available since 1910.

Suggested Usage: Apply and rub until color disappears. If area is too tender, apply freely and cover with a light loose bandage.

Customers' Experiences:

This was very good at treating black and blues under the skin. You need to rub it in so it sinks in and penetrates the skin.” - Amazon Customer

I have used Iodex since I was a child. It is excellent for easing pain caused by bumps on one’s shins from playing hockey, for example, and especially to dissolve bruises close to the skin. Works wonders!” - Amazon Customer

”Iodex comes in regular and with added methyl. Both are in our home at all times, it's our go-to. Iodex was originally recommended by our pharmacist years ago and continues to help anything we use it on. Another important thing is iodine in an ointment without added chemicals or additives. It became less likely to be found on a shelf so finding it online was a winner. Baar Products, the Iodex distributor, has a good line of products.” - Amazon Customer

”So glad I can still find it. My 90yo dad swears by it for all bumps, bruises, scrapes and scratches as well as the occasional owie!” - Amazon Customer

"I have used Iodex all my life. My mother used it on us, and I have used it on both my children and grandchildren. I can't live without it. It is a life saver." - D.C., Metairie, LA

”Pulls inflammation out of scrapes and cuts.” - Amazon Customer

“This is an amazing product that has been around for a long time. The purpose is to stimulate the process by which bruises and contusions are broken down and digested by the body. Iodine is the key ingredient. A jar lasts and lasts, as you don’t need more than a dab. It’s a must for healing from falls and blows. Recommended!” - Amazon Customer

“The BEST antiseptic ointment commercially available in more than 70 years! I am 78 years old and I remember my parents using Iodex on my brother and me when we were children. It was put on all our scrapes, cuts, bug bites, bee stings, bruises and much more. Later, I used it on my 4 boys for the same purposes. Please Baar Products, keep the same formula, the glass jar, and the metal lid. Thank you.” - Amazon Customer

”The best ointment for almost all conditions and rashes. This product has been with us for decades with the same effectiveness that the consumer needs.” - Amazon Customer

”Excellent. Product unchanged. What my mom used on me, still doing excellent job on my kids boo-boo's.” - Amazon Customer

”This product is excellent! I have use it several times before. It's great.” - Amazon Customer

”This product has been a staple in our household for about 100 years. My mother who passed at age 90 always used Iodex on us kids for scratches and scrapes. Now that I am an adult I use it myself and my kids. I always buy 2 jars when I order so I don't run out.” - Amazon Customer

”Wonderful, Love it!!! I use it on every situation! For 80 years in the Family use.” - Amazon Customer

”I used Iodex when I was in high school for bruised hands when I played handball. It worked quickly to heal the bruises so I was able to play in the next meet. I still use it today. It has many uses for cuts, scrapes, bruises, burns... It still works great!!!” - Amazon Customer

”Great product. I have been using since I was a child. Always speeds healing and removes soreness.” - Amazon Customer

”I ordered this for my mother-in-law as she cannot seem to get it in her stores on Long Island. The product is exactly what she was looking for - to heal injuries and the shipping was exactly as promised. Thank you!!!” - Amazon Customer

”This salve is the greatest. I have used it for about 50 years and it works great on cuts and burns. It's a drawing salve so it helps draw infection to the top to help you heal. You have to use it to believe how good it really is.” - Amazon Customer

"Iodex is like a miracle. I strongly recommend it. When I grew up in New Orleans it was the go-to salve for my family to use. It works great on bruises and abrasions. It is because of how useful it is that I send it out to friends." - K.E., Spartanburg, SC

”My grandmother used it for everything, I still have one that I don't know how old it is, I saw this one and did not hesitate to buy, it is already part of my first aid kit.” - Amazon Customer

”Trust your elders . I took the advice of someone older than me and went with what "grandparents" used... No BS... stuff works.” - Amazon Customer

”I like this product because whenever I get a bruise or such I apply this ointment a couple times per day. It doesn't take long before they lighten up and disappear. I recommend this product.” - Amazon Customer

”Iodex was created in 1910. I believe my family started using it not far from 1910. Consequently, it became a tradition to the family first aid supplies. I can go to any of my cousin’s homes and find Iodex there too. Best stuff around.” - Amazon Customer

”I have used Iodex since I was a child in the 50's. It did a multitude of goodness. It is awesome on bruises and general wounds. But it helps to heal deeper wounds once they have started healing. It is good on minor burns, as well as mosquito bites. It was my parents’ go-to antiseptic. And it works well to help draw out splinters. A good, old-school product!” - Amazon Customer

”It is a very good medicine. It works very quickly. Without a doubt I would buy it a thousand times more.” - Amazon Customer

”We have used this for years! Got a tough splinter and your child won’t let you near them with tweezers? Put a dab of this on the sliver area, cover and within a day or so you can remove it without infection.” - Amazon Customer

”I’m using this product on my hand after getting surgery, along with therapy and taping during day. This helps to keep scar pain to a minimal.” - Amazon Customer

”I have had this old-time product in the house since childhood. It works. It’s a great drawing salve.” - Amazon Customer

“As a Naturopathic doctor, my approach to most health issues is holistic and integrative. Recently, I had experienced an extremely painful ingrown hair that had become infected on my leg that required taking a short round of antibiotics. The day I started the antibiotics, I knew however, that I needed to “draw out” the infection too, since the antibiotics take a while to feel their effect. No exaggeration, within an hour and a half of putting a pea-sized amount of Iodex over the infection, to my surprise, the area began to draw out the infected tissue! Each time my body pushed out the infection, I felt the severe pain in my leg ease. Also, the bright pink color around the infected hair follicle began to lighten as well. After 4 days of consistently applying the Iodex, the ingrown hair came out as well. After the hair came out, I had no more sensitivity near the area. This stuff is amazing!” - Dr. R.B., Plymouth Meeting, PA

”Our family knows this as 'Black Salve'. Very hard to find. This one has Iodine to heal and works fast on small cuts. Use with Band-Aid to keep medicine in contact with skin. Will not stain skin, does not hurt when applied. It has been around forever and works like a dream. Lasts forever. You only need to use a very small amount. - Amazon Customer

”IODEX WORKS! It quickly eases pain in joints. I have used this product since childhood when my mother used it.” - Amazon Customer

”I had a septic knee joint with a hard to heal incision, this worked great!” - Amazon Customer

”Hard to find. Great product. Been using for years. Works great at taking out splinters. Instead of digging it out, put Iodex on it. Most of the time, splinter is halfway out in 30 min so you can grab it with tweezers. I used to use this when machining. After a day of work small metal splinters in arms. Put a little on arms at workstation. Go to washroom and splinters are gone.” - J.P., Rochester, NH

”The salve is an absolutely amazing drawing salve. Its original use in our family was for cattle on a dairy farm during the winter when their bags would crack. I used it on my daughter when she was young and had a severe burn and there is no sign of scarring even 40 years later. I highly recommend it and I make sure that every member of my family has it in their house at all times.” - Amazon Customer

”I learned about iodine-based ointment while overseas, and very happy to see that it is available state-side. Ointment works great for heavy bruising and sore tissue/muscle. Added benefit is that iodine is a great antiseptic (often used in pre-surgery prep), so if you have a combination of bruising and open skin, this is a great solution. Shipment arrived lightning fast and was perfectly packed - great experience all around from Baar Products.” - Amazon Customer

”Iodex has proven to be very effective in curing a stubborn ingrown toenail!” - V.P., Kenner, LA

”I love this product. Have ordered it several times! It works for wounds, rashes, and acne. It can also be used overnight when your skin needs an extra boost of care.” - Amazon Customer

"I remember my mother using this for scraps and burns in the 50's and 60's. I got this to speed the healing for a lesion removal and it worked." - Amazon Customer

"We have been using Iodex for first aid for 50 years. Never has a cut become infected. Truly a wonderful product."- Amazon Customer

"Been using this for years. My go to for any cuts or scrapes." - Amazon Customer

”This item is an old remedy and it works just fine in healing bruises for me. Glad I found it again!!!” - Amazon Customer

"NO Dislikes, only very well, used before, only GOOD things to say about it." - Amazon Customer

“The product is great on deep bruises and cuts that I get on the cycle trails I use on the weekends. Heals without scars.” - Amazon Customer

"My father is a veterinarian and said I should use Iodex Ointment for ringworm when my son had one. Now I use it for my dogs when they have any broken skin from scratching. It not only heals the skin, it stops the itchiness as well."- K.G., Fort Smith, AR

"As a kid, we always went to the mysterious 'black salve' to put on minor wounds, acne, boils. As an adult, I tried to figure out what the 'black salve' was that my mother referred to for everything. It was Iodex!"- S. W., Great Falls, VA

"Iodex is a great product that has been used in our family for 4 generations. The 'brown' is great for bug bites as well and the 'green' was used on me around my neck as a child by my grandmother when I had a cold or sore throat. We used to be able to buy it over the counter. So glad I can get it so easily now." - E.Z., Grand Junction, CO

"Master Tai Chi teacher uses Iodex. I've been using it since ’73 and I can’t live without it. It should be in every medicine cabinet in the country. As a topical ointment for burns, cuts and scrapes you know because if you catch a first degree before a second degree bubble, you can cause the first degree to stabilize. It won’t go to a second-degree burn. It’s a very important product. I carry it with me everywhere." - G.L., Roanoke, VA

”I was looking for Iodex. When I was a small girl I had a wart on my finger. I applied Iodex to the wart and covered it with a Band-Aid. In a short period of time, the wart fell off. It has been years now and I have no more.” - L.M., Fredericksburg, IN

”My Granny swore by Iodex, and I found the remnants in the drawer to use on a burn. Then I ordered them for all of my family!” - L.B., Cape Coral, FL

"My wife's family has been using Iodex from when she was a child, over 70 years ago." - T.A., Alpine, TX

"Since I was a child, our family has used Iodex for minor (And even fairly major) skin wounds. We also used on our pets through the years. As a physician for over 30 years, I have continued to recommend this amazing salve." - V.B., M.D., Crozet, VA

"My family has been using this product for decades and it has worked wonders every single time. It is such a consistently well made product and only full of the good stuff. Please continue making this product for generations to come. Best, A very happy customer" - G.R.

"My husband's grandparents were the first to use Iodex Topical Antiseptic Ointment. They passed it on to their children (one being my husband's mother). She passed it on to my husband & I, and we passed it to our children, and then to our grandchildren. Now our great-grandchildren are having it used on them. We estimate that our family has used Iodex for a good 100 years. Our granddaughter growing up would create a great trauma when hurt. We tried to put on medicines other than Iodex on her wound. She would put it on herself when she found that it did not sting or cause more hurt to the wound. I have used it on my badly chapped lips and on a cold sore. It heals. It lasts a long time and there isn't a time limit on it because we have had a jar that lasted for a good 10 years. It still worked like when we bought it new. I tell everyone I know about it. It's wonderful at healing wounds and drawing out infections, splinters, and small thorns." – B.R., Beaver, UT

"I was so happy to find your web site. I could not find Iodex in stores near me. I have used Iodex for a long time. It was a product in our home, growing up. I have used it on my own children. It is wonderful for bug bites and scrapes and keeps us free from infection. It is a wonderful product. Thank you." - D.T., Centre Hall, PA

"I am sixty-five years young and Iodex has been a remedy in my family as long as I can remember. Recommended by my mother (who is now ninety-three) for everything from healing a cut, wound, burn and making the pigment return (we are black Americans), I recall her sending me to the drug store to buy a new little bottle and being curious about it as a boy in New York City. As time passed, the pharmacist would have to whip-out a special book to find and order it and many had never heard of it! It is too bad most do not carry it anymore... Bravo!" - N.B., Charleston, SC

"I have used Iodex for 25 years. The Regular Iodex is wonderful for clearing up scrapes and bruises. The Iodex with Methyl Salicylate has been wonderful for my wonky knee. It has reduced the swelling and relieved me of the pain. It has been amazing. Thank you so much." - C.J., Carmichael, CA

"Iodex is a mainstay in my medicine chest, as well as, in the medicine chest of every member of our family (including, by choice, the 20-40 year old ‘kids’). It’s our ‘go to’. I am 60, and this product has been in use in our family for at least 4 generations now. As a kid, it was called ‘black magic’ in our household. Obviously, black for the color, and magic for how magically it worked. Every sore throat that anyone in our family has ever had, was treated with Aspirin, then Iodex lightly rubbed on our throats followed by a warm towel wraps. (old towels, as it does stain). No one ever held a sore throat for more than 3 days. Also used on bug bites, skin scrapes/scratches, skinned knees, minor skin infections and bruises. There was a time where Iodex was hard to find and had to special order through a pharmacy. Making it more difficult, the pharmacists’ weren’t aware of the product, making it even harder to come by. We are so happy to find that Baar carries Iodex. Thank you!" – C.S.H., Aurora, CO

"My grandfather Lieutenant Colonel E.H.L. DVM U.S Cavalry, was assigned to Fort Bliss, TX in 1909-1913. At this time, he was introduced to Iodex. After his military career ended, he opened his own Veterinarian practice in Burlingame, Kansas. He used Iodex in his practice and when he passed away and his business was sold, there were a large quantity of half dollar size aluminum containers of Iodex. That Iodex supply served my family well for many years. The last I saw was in my mother’s house when she passed away in 2007... I thought I would try it on these awful Oak mites we suddenly have in the Midwest... Yours truly" - E.H.L. (retired teacher)

"I am so happy that my daughter remembered using Iodex from her childhood. I used it as a child, and have always found it to give amazing results. She found it online and we purchased it... We are so happy to find Iodex again!" - D.R., Mineral Wells, TX

“I've been using Iodex for years. I grew up in Australia and we had Iodex for bruises and for broken skin... I am so happy to have it again. Thank you.” – E.C., Davis, CA

"I recently had knee replacement surgery and was bruised very badly around my ankle and calf of my leg. I immediately went to my 20 year old container of Iodex. I had very little left in it. I used it all over my calf and ankle, and no longer had bruising on it. I also had some blood marks under the skin on my forearms. Not sure why and where they came from, but have had them for months. After ordering a new jar of Iodex, I have been putting it on my arms and have almost remove all of them. I am only 70 years old and my Mother used this on us as kids when we got bruised… I remember getting bruised easily and I would have a large bruise with a hard knot in the center. Iodex would reduce the soreness from it within days." – L.D., Valrico, FL

“Growing up, Dad always had a jar around and instructed me to use it for the many cuts I received as a growing boy. He learned to use it from his dad and I'm now teaching my daughter how to use it when she gets a cut. Still the best product on the market.” – A.L., Lake Oswego, OR

"I have been using Iodex for over 60 years. I started using it in the 10th grade of high school, and I'm 78 years old and have 4 children that I got through sports with it. I have informed people in Michigan and people in Florida how helpful this product is for muscle problems and how to obtain the product. I ask people to ask a druggist to order it... We ordered two bottles as we always like to have one extra. We have even given partial jars to friends so they can try it and find the benefit of it. GREAT, GREAT, GREAT PRODUCT." - L.J.B.

"I was introduced to Iodex Salve growing up on a farm. When I became an adult, I have always made sure I kept a supply handy. My supply had been on hand so long that the top rusted away. I have finally got around to ordering a new jar, even though the old supply seemed to be working well. I consider Iodex the 'go-to-treatment' for those situations that do not seem to respond to other treatments. I wished it was more conveniently available through my local pharmacies... It is a great product!" - H.D., Decatur, GA

"Cat scratches, and cuts – [Iodex's] the perfect thing. My dad, a chemist, taught me to use Iodine... Thank you for your thoughtfulness!" – Susan Lendvay, Venture Inward Editor, and A.R.E. Member & A.R.E. Staff Member for over 35 years.

"I have been using Iodex for over 55 years. I have raised 4 children and this product was always close at hand. It is amazing for any kind of cut, scratch, rash, anything I'd use an antibiotic for, I substituted Iodex and it ALWAYS worked. I was introduced to this product from the Edgar Cayce readings. When my daughter-in-law called and said she had an infection from her earrings and nothing worked to clear it, I asked her why she didn't use the Iodex. She said the other stuff didn't work and she doubted that would work. I told her to try it. That's why I gave it to her. She did, it did, and now she reaches for it often for the family. The problem is getting folks to believe it works the way it does. Everyone believes the pharmaceuticals are the only answer, but there are so many old products that are really effective but big pharm. is making it difficult for them to stay on the market... Hopefully as people can't afford to buy drugs they will look for natural alternatives. They are out there. Thank you for still making a wonderful product, I had an easier time raising my kids because you do." – P.A.P.

Cayce Quotes:

"(Q)What causes the small lump between the end of my spine and rectum, and what can be done to eliminate it?
(A)This massaged with a small quantity of Iodex once or twice a week will be removed. This is produced by a thickening of the tissue that received in times back an injury. With the massage it will be absorbed and eliminated from the system. Best that this be done night and morning; small quantity." Cayce

Ingredients: 4.7% Iodine, Petrolatum, Oleic Acid, Paraffin.

For external use only. Ask doctor before use if you have deep or puncture wounds, animal bites or serious burns. When using this product, do not apply to large areas of the body; do not use tight or air-excluding bandage; do not get into eyes or mucous membranes. Stop use and ask doctor if: the redness, irritation, swelling or pain persists or gets worse; an infection occurs; the condition does not improve within 7 days. Keep out of reach of children. In case of accidental ingestion, seek professional assistance, or contact a poison control center immediately.

*Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.