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Barrel Sealing Wax

Purchase Barrel Sealing Wax

Barrel Sealing Wax

Item #: 407W
Size .25 oz

Barrel Sealing Wax
For Leaking Charred Oak Keg

  • Easy to Apply
  • Works Quickly
Charred Oak Kegs may leak from the head or between the stave seams (wood planks) before and during use. If resoaking the keg does not result in a full seal, use Barrel Sealing Wax to manage leakage and prevent liquid loss from your Charred Oak Keg.

Directions For Use: Find the source of the leak, usually around the barrel head or stave seams. Wipe the area dry. Then, with your finger, apply a small amount of wax into the barrel where the hole or leak is occurring and wipe away any excess.