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Lightweight Charred Oak Keg

Purchase Lightweight Charred Oak Keg

Lightweight Charred Oak Keg

Item #: 407
Size 5 L (1 Gallon)

Lightweight Charred Oak Keg
Barrel Dimensions 10.5" x 8.5" x 8.5"

  • Size Necessary to Generate Sufficient Fumes
  • 5 Liters (Approximately 1 Gallon)
  • Light Weight Oak, Easy to Lift
  • Includes Barrel Sealing Wax 0.25 oz
  • Metal Bands will Rust if Submerged in Water
  • Only Soak Inside of Keg to Prepare
  • No Exterior Varnish or Shellac
  • Hand Crafted in the USA
  • Edgar Cayce Product
  • Stand Cold Separately
  • Not Accepted for Returns

The Charred Oak Keg is a Cayce product described for application using the aromatic properties of Laird's Apple Brandy (Bottled in Bond) and the filtering properties of the charred oak. Aromatherapy often harnesses the scents of various natural substances to enhance well-being.

The wooden keg is made of Oak seams. The interior has been toasted then charred, a traditional method used during Cayce's time. The charcoal from the inside absorbs impurities from the Apple Brandy that is added after the keg has been soaked in distilled water to seal the seams.

This wood keg is made of a light weight Oak and is easy to lift. Its interior has been charred. The charcoal from the inside surface absorbs impurities from the Apple Brandy - after the inside has been soaked and sealed. Do NOT soak the outside of the keg as the metal bands will rust. Instructions for preparing the Light-Weight Oak Keg are included.

Important: The keg must be soaked - inside only - prior to use and when reconditioning after emptying the keg. Distilled water is preferable for use inside the keg. Rotate the keg 1/4 turn every 2 days to prevent portions of the wood from drying, which could result in leakage. The keg should be emptied and resoaked every 4-6 months. If the oak keg dries out it may not reseal.

A stand for the Charred Oak Keg may be purchased separately. Item #S407. See Related Item(s) section below.

Apply Barrel Sealing Wax to manage minor leakage and prevent liquid loss from your Charred Oak Keg

Cayce Quotes*:

"Put half a gallon of pure apple brandy in at least a gallon or a gallon and a half of charred keg... Keep the keg in a warm place so that evaporation may occur easily... "  (Cayce)

"Keep the keg. This is as life itself." (Cayce)

NOTE: Cayce reccomends in his readings to use"Laird & Company Straight Apple Brandy "Bottled in Bond" (100 Proof) with the Charred Oak Keg. "Bottled in Bond" is made the same way as it was over 200 years ago. Do NOT use Apple Jack.

Customers Experiences:

"My mother-in-law bought the keg, and she had a breathing problem a couple years ago. She was on inhalers. She wasn't doing no nebulizer. She would be out of breath, you know, getting up, going to the bathroom, that kind of thing, and she started doing the keg and she was like, one hundred percent better. She could breathe and she didn't have to do no inhalers or anything like that. I believe in it and she does too!" - T.B., Cartersville, GA

"My Boss purchased a Charred Oak Keg recently, and I tried it. I have emphysema and with just that one treatment, I had my 1st deep breath in a very long time. I must have one for myself now." - S.E., Hemet, CA

These Charred Oak Kegs work fantastically. This our second one so that we can each have one. Thank you so much for the wonderful items. I used them this winter with the Laird's 100 proof Apple brandy, and it's the first time in nearly 2 decades I didn't get bronchitis or pneumonia this winter. - D.D., Wauwatosa, WI

Thank you for selling these Charred Oak Kegs. They are very powerful. My sister-in-law with advanced stage 4 breast cancer has been using the keg for 3 months, and the lesions in her lungs disappeared on her last x-ray. Also, my friend with incapacitating asthma surprised all her doctors who asked 'what did you do? You’re so much better.' And it has eliminated coughing and colds and bronchitis for everyone who uses it faithfully. Thank you!" - M.D., Chicago, IL

"I have been interested in what Edgar Cayce was doing for many years. I had to try the Charred Oak Keg. I have received the apple brandy, and this all is having a very positive effect on me. I have been having some trouble with asthma, and it is better. This seems to help with loosening mucus from the lungs, and that also is very positive." – G.S.G, Reykjavik, Iceland

“Awesome Stuff! I use it (Herbal Breathing). It is the best, and I also have a Cayce (Charred Oak) Keg and get the apple brandy as Cayce recommended. It is great.” - C.S.M.

"My friend had sarcoid in his lungs. I told him to try Edgar Cayce's charred oak keg remedy. He purchased one, and said he felt a difference immediately upon taking his first inhalation. After a couple of months, he went back to the doctor, who told him there was no evidence of him ever having had sarcoid." - C.C., Denville, NJ

"...Several months ago I ordered the Charred Oak Keg for my sister in Pennsylvania, who suffers from emphysema-very serious case. She has used the keg with Apple Brandy for the fumes and has told me she would never go anywhere without it now. She went to Cape May one week without it, and she could really feel the difference. She did not feel as well without it. She says "it's an experiment in progress" right now. So she is using it 3 times daily and feels better! Isn't it wonderful? I want to thank you so much. We have used many of the Cayce products over the years and thoroughly endorse them. Thank you again so much."- J.C., Sharonville, OH

*Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.