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Kidney and Bladder Pack

Purchase Kidney and Bladder Pack

Kidney and Bladder Pack

Item #: 102075

Kidney & Bladder Pack Kit
Therapy Starter Package

  • Relief from Discomfort of Kidney Stone Pain
  • Eases Painful Urination
  • Aids the Body's Natural Urinary Cleansing Systems

This kit is a great way to get you started in kidney health and pain management. Primarily used for several different external applications, turpentine packs or stupes are well documented as an aid for kidney and bladder disorders. Buying the kit saves you time and money.

The kit includes 1 of each:

Rectified Turpentine Oil #2075
Edgar Cayce recommended Turpentine in over 700 readings for a variety of conditions as well as for the stupes or compresses. Though most often applied to the kidney area, were also applied over the pubic area if there was bladder pain.

100% Natural Cotton Flannel #759 - 12" x 30"
Reusable, unbleached and specifically designed to be used with stupes and compresses.

Castor Oil Small Disposable Pack #799 - 24 x 17 inches
A convenient way to apply the stupe with much less mess. The Blue side of the pack is plastic coated for added protection. The opposite side is an absorbent, flannel-like material.

Instructions and Applications #I102075

Suggested use: Add 5 to 20 drops of Rectified Turpentine Oil in a quart of warm or hot water. Dip cotton flannel in water, then wring it out. Fold cotton into 4 to 6 layers. Cover kidney (lower back) or bladder (lower abdomen) area for 10 minutes to an hour. Use a heating pad if desired. Use disposable pack over the cloth to avoid dripping or to protect heating pad. The pack may be applied several times a day or once or twice a week. those with kidney or bladder conditions should drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water daily, eat an alkaline diet, and drink 2 or 3 cups of mild watermelon seed tea per week, plus reduce their intake of white sugar and white flour. (See Related Products Below).

Warning: Some individuals may have a skin sensitivity to turpentine. Start with smallest number of drops to test skin sensitivity. Careful attention should be paid while the pack is on. If skin sensitivity occurs, remove pack immediately and wash off area with plain water.