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Racketeering in Medicine

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Racketeering in Medicine

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Size 353 pages
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Racketeering in Medicine: The Supression of Alternatives

Can we assume that our health is always the prime concern of organized medicine?

Are Americans being deprived of effective, economical treatments because those treatments are not highly profitable for surgeons and pharmaceutical companies?

Dr. James Carter exposes disturbing and thought-provoking evidence that:
-Bona-fide therapies are being disparaged as quackery.
-Health-care givers who offer alternative treatments are being persecuted.
-Government agencies are participating in the harassment of alternative practitioners.
-Drug companies are unduly influencing medical professionals'actions.
-Kangaroo courts are convicting honorable men of trumped-up charges.
-The financial bottom line all too often determines what medicine or treatment is researched, tested and approved.

Dr. Carter does not speak in generalities or put forth vague accusations. He presents names, events and facts, which are of interest to all concerned Americans, and leads the reader to the inescapable realization that we must become more aware of health-care practices and speak up for our right to the best available medical treatment. Racketeering In Medicine is one of the most important books that you will ever read. It may help to change the health care system in America ... but only if we understand the way it really works at present. Paperback, 353 pages.