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Vibradex Double Loop

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Vibradex Double Loop

Item #: 151DL
Vibradex® Double Loop
Replacement Part

  • For Use with Wet Cell Battery or Radiac System

Suggestions for cleaning the Vibradex Loop:

1. During Set Up:  Lightly clean the Loop prior to submerging in a selected Vibradex Solution. I often use the #153S Cleaning Pad which works for all Vibradex Loops. Cut the Cleaning Pad into a few small squares or rectangles, then take a square and fold it over the Loop to clean. The #133 Cleaning Brush with Handle may also be used to clean the Loop prior to use. Next, wipe the Loop with a clean paper towel before submerging in the Vibradex Solution.

2. After Use: Rinse the Loop under running water after the Radiac or Wet Cell session has finished. Clean the Loop with either the Brass Brush or Cleaning Pad. Allow it to air dry.

Clean the Loop before and after each application.  CAUTION: some solutions will permanently stain.

- Dr. Bruce Baar.

NOTE: The Vibradex® Loop, #151DL, will require replacement with extended use. It should occasionally be tested (when dry) using the Digital Volt Meter, #290.

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning