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Violet Ray, 115V - Push Button

Purchase Violet Ray, 115V - Push Button

Violet Ray, 115V - Push Button

Item #: 5513
Sorry, 'Violet Ray, 115V - Push Button' has been discontinued and is no longer available. Please check our related products, categories, or store search.

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Violet Ray with Push Button
115V - for use in the USA

  • Convenient Push Button on Side of the Unit
  • Includes One Mushroom Electrode
  • Genuine Tesla Coil Invented by Nikola Tesla
  • Instruction Booklet Included
  • Design Recommended by Edgar Cayce in over 1,000 Readings
  • Professional Strength
  • Powerful Enough to be used with Anidex®, Animated Ash and Carbondex®, Carbon Ash
  • Made in the USA
  • For External Use Only
  • Not to be Used for Longer than 10 Minutes

The Violet Ray or high frequency device is basically a low amperage source of static electricity and is detailed in the Violet Ray Book (see related items below).

Violet Ray is a Tesla coil, named for Nikola Tesla, the electrical engineer, scientist, inventor, and discoverer, who was granted 1,200 patents and is probably best known for his contribution of alternating current.

Edgar Cayce refers to the Violet Ray in over 1000 readings given to individuals who sought his advice. Cayce believed the body, mind and soul are so closely interrelated, that it is rarely of value to treat any one of these aspects without also giving some attention to the state of the other two. Can be used with Carbondex®, Carbon Ash and Anidex®, Animated Ash. (See Violet Ray Book).

What is the difference between #5513 (Push-Button Violet Ray, 115V) & #504M (115 Violet Ray)?

The #5513 Violet Ray has a button on the side of the unit, which when pressed turns on the high voltage side of the coil. When the button is released, the high voltage is turned off. This allows you to place the applicator on the body first, then press and hold the button down to initiate frequency, which allows for better control during application. (Note: The button must be PUSHED for the entire duration of use to ensure a consistent current. Also, this button is NOT an on/off switch. The unit must be unplugged when not in use.)


- Do NOT use the Voltage Adjustment Knob as an "ON/OFF" switch for the high voltage, as this will prematurely wear this part. Never leave either model connected to the power line unattended. Remove from the power line when not in use. Use of a power strip with an "ON/OFF" switch is recommended.

- All units:  #5513 (push button, 115V), #504M (115V) and #555M (230V) require cool down after 8-10 minutes of use.

- Models #504M Violet Ray and #5513 Push Button Violet Ray are for use with 115V electrical systems only.

- Model #555M (230V) has a United Kingdom plug on it and is designed for countries that use 230V electrical systems. The 230 Volt model is NOT for use in the USA.

- These units come with one Mushroom Electrode (see below), when the unit is purchased. All electrodes are for external use only.

- The Violet Ray has an output voltage of between 20,000 to 45,000 volts, an output frequency of approximately 500 kHz. Approx. 40 watts. The output voltage of the Violet Ray is adjustable by means of a knob on the end of the unit.

Suggested Use: This unit is intended for intermittent use, no more than 10 minutes at a time. Never leave the Violet Ray unit connected to the electrical outlet unattended. Remove from the electrical outlet when not in use. Use of a power strip with ON/OFF Switch is recommended. All units are tested prior to shipment. Warranty is not available on this unit.

The Violet Ray Book #543 is a must read.

Click Here to Listen to Dr. Bruce Baar's Interview about the Violet Ray

Warning: Alcohol is to be avoided when using this product. Edgar Cayce stated, "Do not use [Alcohol] in the system during the treatments…with the Violet Ray—for these are detrimental, and would burn tissue, with this in system." Even inhaling the brandy fumes from a charred oak keg might cause irritations to the body if used in conjunction with the Violet Ray. Always unplug the unit and remove the glass electrode when not in use.

Customers' Experiences:

"A thank you for the help with the [Baar] Violet Ray. I am grateful for the demonstration which made it very comfortable for me to use it here at home... My chiropractor used the [Baar] Violet Ray on my spine last week for 10 min. As the result, I had almost no back pain for 2 days. I will be getting a Violet Ray treatment from him once a week for four weeks and then decide where to go from there… Meanwhile, I treat my own hands and feet for pain, stiffness, and also some numbness in the right foot because of years of ill-fitting shoes and pressure on a tailor's bunion." - J.R., Lancaster, PA

"I am 78 and have joined other seniors in having trouble with bruises on my hands and forearms... resulting from very slight knocks. The doctors seem to feel nothing can be done about it. They say I should have used more sun lotion in the past. The Violet Ray will break up these bruises and they will start diminishing in a day or two. It used to take a week to 10 days for them to diminish. I assume the Violet Ray stimulates the circulation and that is what begins reducing the bruise." - D.C., Dallas, TX

I had hit my knee against something right in an area where there had been surgery a few years earlier. It was very painful and bruised quickly, and made walking painful. I was worried I had hurt something inside. The Violet Ray was recommended to help with the buising, and even though I knew there were plates and screws within (titanium maybe?), I used the VR for just a few minutes. Within 12 hours the knee felt great again and I was able to go back to exercising without pain. The bruising disappeared as well." - L.N., Coatesville, PA

"... I tried using the violet ray to treat my sister for varicose veins in her leg. They were severe and discolored. After daily treatments for three weeks the veins were shrinking. We were all thrilled." - N.Q., Brick, NJ

"Within seconds it relaxes my entire system... For this benefit alone, the Baar Violet Ray has more than paid for itself. It has provided the 'spark' I have been missing in my system. It lifted my spirits and actually makes me happy. I can't wait to use it each day... I believe that it provides the missing link to complete healing." - A.F., Santa Fe, NM

*Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.