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White Petroleum Jelly

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White Petroleum Jelly

Item #: 9111
Size 12 oz
Sorry, this product has been discontinued. Please consider Soothe and Cool Protect White Petrolatum USP #9197

White Petroleum Jelly, 12 oz
100% Pure

Great for dressing hair and treating dry scalp areas. Part of the Edgar Cayce hair care regimen. Also, excellent for removing make-up. Moisturizes rough dry skin, softens cuticles and brittle nails as well as hard callouses and helps keep feet soft. Temporarily protects and helps prevent chafed, chapped, cracked and windburned skin and lips. And yes, this is white petroleum jelly, as called for in the Cayce Hair Care readings. 12 oz jar.

"...with the use of those of crude oil - followed by cleansing with that of alcohol one to twenty in water and massaging same with (that is, the scalp we are speaking of, to be sure) the Vaseline - we will grow hair!" (Edgar Cayce)


"That white petroleum jelly is the only thing that really works for me on my feet and on my hands." - G.B. Redgranite, WI