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Wound Honey

Wound Honey
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Wound Honey
Natural New Zealand Manuka Honey
  • Aids in Healing of Cuts, Burns, Scars & Scrapes
  • Antibacterial Properties Assist in Clearing Infections
  • Natural Aloe Vera Helps Soothe Damaged Skin
  • Vitamin B Locks in Moisture

Wound Honey is to be used externally for cuts, burns, wounds, MRSA or VRE infected wounds, diabetic wounds, diabetic ulcers, bed and pressure sores, surgical wounds, and more. Additionally, Wound Honey can be used to reduce and minimize scarring. It is sterilized to protect against infection. Dr. Nordyke's Wound Honey is used as a wound care topical that has natural antibacterial properties that aids in protecting against infection and cross infections, offering your wound protection and relief.

Manuka Wound Honey works by extracting excess drainage from the wound site, via osmosis of the Manuka Honey. This is one of the mechanisms for removal of bacteria at the wound site. It increases micro-circulation at the bed of the wound, which increases granulation, the most important part to healing wounds and increases re-epithelization of the wound, in effect helping the skin to cover the wound.

Wound Honey contains natural Aloe Vera, a known anti-inflammatory and is known to be a natural emollient and antiseptic. It is used for skin conditions such as eczema, burns and minor cuts. The beneficial properties of natural Aloe Vera are attributed to the mucopolysaccharides that are found in the inner gel of the aloe leaf. Wound Honey also contains Panthenol, a non-irritating form of Vitamin B which has moisturizing properties. When this natural, hydrating vitamin is applied externally it penetrates into lower skin layers, gets absorbed into the skin cells and turns into Pantothetic Acid (also known as Vitamin B). Because Panthenol is absorbed deeply into the skin, it adds moisture that is essential to the proper healing of wounds. The addition of Panthenol helps to speed up the regeneration of new skin cells and creates a moist environment that reduces scarring.

Wound Honey can be applied to all types of wounds including infected wounds, open wounds, chronic wounds, diabetic wounds, diabetic foot and or leg wounds, bed and pressure sores, sores, eczema, lacerations, lesions, rashes, minor cuts, scrapes, scratches, abrasions, insect stings, insect bites, poison oak, poison ivy and fresh scars. Dr. Nordykes Wound Honey has anti-inflammatory properties which reduce swelling and improve circulation to the wound, reducing pain to the wound, and decreasing secretions from the wound. Wound Honey exfoliates dead cells and produces new cells at the base of the wound. This creates a healthy wound bed for healthy tissue growth, and stimulates granulation to speed up wound healing and to assist in wound closure (re-epithelization). Healing occurs rapidly with minimal scarring.

Suggested Use:
Gently wash the area with water or saline and let dry for a few minutes. Apply Wound Honey directly to the area, completely covering the wound. Cover with a non-stick bandage. Repeat every twelve hours, including fresh dressing, until the wound is fully healed.

If a wound has an odor, you can expect the odor to subside after 5-10 days of using Wound Honey depending on the depth and size of the wound.

If you wish to minimize scarring, it is recommended that you continue to use Wound Honey for several weeks after the wound has completely healed.

New Zealand Active Manuka Honey (Activity level: 12 plus), Aloe Vera, Panthenol. Sterilized.

Do NOT use if allergic to bee venom or bee products. Do NOT use on children under the age of 2. Intended for topical application only.

Customers' Experiences:

"I am diabetic, and I am healing a diabetic infection with Wound Honey and this product is the only one that can do this. It is fantastic, your catalog has so many other interesting things as well." - D.W., Naples, NY

*Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.