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How We Cured Ourselves of Lyme Disease using the RADIAC® System

This is a personal testimonial shared by a couple who used the Radiac to help fight against Lyme disease. Posted with permission. Written by the author K.W., Peterborough, NH.


Red cabin in the woods

In 1989, my husband, P., and I moved to beautiful New Hampshire. Our house sat on a hill overlooking a pond. It was an idyllic setting for any lover of nature, and we had plenty of dogs and cats to share it with. While I spent lots of time painting in my art studio, P. loved being outdoors with so much to do–gardening, clearing land, splitting and stacking wood. We were blissfully unaware of Lyme disease or that it is carried by ticks.


In 2008, P. began having occasional night sweats. Sometimes he would wake up in the middle of the night with his clothing soaking wet. Around this time he began sleep walking. He would wander around looking like he was awake, but in fact, he was still asleep. It was difficult for him to “wake up” quickly without confusion. It took him at least 10 minutes to exit his dreamworld. These episodes were startling, but thankfully infrequent (perhaps once a month). He seemed perfectly normal for the rest of the day, so we chalked it up to being just an “odd quirk.”

In May 2009, P. was driving us in our car. Always a careful driver, he suddenly pulled out of our long driveway onto the road, failing to look both ways, and we were almost hit by a truck. Moments later he began driving on the wrong side of the road. Luckily, I was able to get him to pull over, took the keys and drove us home. I was badly shaken and hid the car keys, as he seemed completely unaware that he had done anything wrong or dangerous.

In the days following that terrifying incident, his behavior went downhill very quickly. He began to forget things. He experienced a sudden and radical personality change–from being a real sweetheart and an intelligent guy–to a grumpy and belligerent man who couldn’t give a straight answer to any question.

He began to develop some obsessive-compulsive behaviors and often slipped into a rage when things weren’t working for him. P.’s night sweats became more frequent and more severe. It was difficult for him to make the transition from sleep to waking up. He’d get lost in a fantasy world where he was someplace else, and thus he behaved inappropriately. Finally, when he was awake, he did and said things that were not normal for him to say or do. He frightened me. I had friends ask what was wrong with P..

Old woman supporting and hugging her crying husband

Within two weeks of the “car incident,” I made a doctor’s appointment to have him checked out (but I fibbed and let him think the appointment was for me). Uncharacteristically, he warned me that he would not allow me to say anything about his behavior and loudly claimed that he was OK. But he wasn’t. At the doctor’s appointment, P. left the office for a minute and I speed-talked and told the doctor what was going on.

Luckily, our doctor knew about Lyme disease and did an IGeneX Western blot test on him. Then P.’s symptoms continued to get worse. It was a very difficult, frightening and confusing time. Approximately one month later, the doctor told us the test results showed that P. had Lyme disease plus the co-infection of Babesia (the source of the night sweats). The doctor said it was most likely from a tick or multiple tick bites. He prescribed azithromycin 250 mg once a day plus atovaquone 750 mg/5 ml Oral Suspension twice a day. P. went on those drugs, and he improved almost immediately. Oddly, he could not remember the car incident nor any of the strange behaviors that had followed it.

After four weeks, P. was back to his old self! I even felt comfortable enough to “find” his car keys as he returned to his old self. He stayed on those medications until mid-June 2021, when he accidentally went off of them. (More on that sad incident later.)

P. continued antibiotic drugs for the next 13 years, felt fine, and we went on with our lives. He was tested from time to time with the IGeneX Western blot test for Lyme disease and the results showed that the Lyme disease plus Babesia persisted.

Note: P. does not remember ever having any tick bites. But living in a rural area and spending a fair amount of time outdoors, it seems inevitable that he would get a tick bite. We learned from our doctor that the pathogens from a tick bite can lurk in the system for 15 to even 20 years before any adverse symptoms began to appear.

In hindsight, the only symptom P. had experienced (about a year before the driving incident) was a trigger finger. Some days it was so annoying he wore a splint. (The trigger finger symptom disappeared almost immediately after he began his Lyme medications, and has never returned.)


Senior couple hugging tenderly outdoors

I never saw it coming. I had no idea I ever had a tick bite. Beginning in 2010, I felt awful nearly all the time, and I thought I was a hypochondriac. Over the years, a bunch of odd symptoms slowly increased in number and in intensity. None of my symptoms were anything like P.’s Lyme disease symptoms, so I never suspected Lyme. In 2017 I felt ill every day. I began to experience floaters (dark spots in front of my eyes) off and on looking like a swarm of flies.

I experienced muscle spasms so badly that my paintbrush would suddenly flip out of my hand, and eventually I had to stop painting. I experienced numbness in my hands and feet, and sometimes in my entire right arm.

Almost daily, I began to get visual migraines. If I didn’t lie down with ice on the back of my skull pretty quickly, the migraine would turn to nausea and dizziness. I had frequent sinus infections and a Z-pack of azithromycin immediately made me feel better. But as soon as I ran out, the sinus pain came roaring back.

I looked for help and visited a variety of medical providers. I tried homeopathy and a radical diet change. I saw a psychotherapist for my depression. Everything I did helped a little, but did not change the way I felt for very long.

Senior woman sitting against a tree, surfing the web

However, in hindsight, I found some clues that the therapy I needed might not be chemical but electrical in nature. That began with my finding a biomagnetic therapist. She helped me a lot, but the IGeneX Western blot for Lyme disease showed I still had Lyme with the co-infection of Babesia. Also, another therapist once told me about a patient she had with Lyme who kept coming to appointments with burns on his hands. He explained to her that he accidentally got a jolt of electricity at work and afterwards he felt better than he had in years! So he continued to intentionally, despite the danger, to “shock” himself. I do not know how he did it, but I filed the story away in my mind as highly unusual but very interesting. I had no intention of ever trying anything like that!

I experienced pretty severe arthritic pain in various joints. The pain never stayed in one place very long until I experienced severe arthritis pain in my right knee for nearly a year. Then one morning I woke up and the “arthritis” was in my left knee. It had just “jumped over,” my right knee was pain-free and the good knee hurt like blazes! It made no sense, and I wondered if I was crazy. I called our doctor.

After hearing all of my seemingly unrelated complaints, he tested me for Lyme disease with the IGeneX western blot test. I do not remember ever being bitten by a tick. I never saw a bullseye rash. A few weeks later, the test came back with a diagnosis of Lyme disease and Babesia as a co-infection. I began taking 500 mg azithromycin once daily plus 5 ml of atovaquone twice daily (for the Babesia). Within days, I felt better than I had in years.

The monthly antibiotic bill for us was huge. They are very necessary and very expensive (a real pain in the pocketbook!). I never really felt good, but much much better was good enough for me. I stayed on those antibiotic medications for the next four-plus years until mid-June 2021, when I surprisingly tested negative. And that’s what this story is about.


After all this experience with Lyme I decided to try an alternative treatment for Lyme (in addition to the antibiotics). P. pooh-poohed the idea and did not wish to “experiment” with alternative treatments.

I began working with the biomagnetic therapist (mentioned earlier). Despite frequent herx* reactions, I felt better after each treatment. But on Dec. 3, 2020, I was tested and was still positive for Lyme and Babesia. I was not cured.

I am fascinated with the work of Edgar Cayce and have read a lot about him over the years. I decided to seek an additional treatment and consulted the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.). Lyme disease was not known in Cayce’s day, but there was syphilis, and I learned that the spirochete (pathogen) for Lyme and syphilis was the same thing. A.R.E. recommended Baar.com, which officially supplies Cayce’s remedies.

The Radiac has been called a meditation unit, stress reducer, bio-electric balancer and spiritual and self unfoldment tool. Dr. Bruce Baar, the manufacturer of the Radiac, is featured in the books: UnBreak Your Health, The Complete Guide to Complementary & Alternative Therapies and Super Memory” and SuperLearning 2000. The Radiac is also mentioned in more than 1,000 readings given by Edgar Cayce. It is exclusively manufactured by Baar Products, Inc. See: Baar.com

The Radiac has been referred to as the mind machine, the bio battery, the radio-active appliance, the dry cell or the impedance device. No batteries and no electrical outlets are involved. To use it, place it in a plastic container (#102, see below), add ice to the red line, then add water, wait 15 minutes and attach to your wrist and ankle as described in the instruction booklet.

I began using the Radiac machine for meditation before it occurred to me to use it with a Baar Vibradex solution as a medication for Lyme Disease. I read The Radiac Book from Baar Products found at baar.com

I began to use my Radiac with the recommended Lyme Vibradex solution in mid-April 2021. (Note, I continued to take antibiotics). I did about 60 treatments from April through June 2021.

P. declined to do this treatment with me.

When both P. and I went to the doctor to be retested (with the IGenix Western blot) for Lyme disease, I simply expected the tests to continue to show the persistence of Lyme yet again. However…


Senior man looking away while wife cries next to him

When we returned to the doctor on June 15, 2021, we learned the results of our Lyme tests: I was Lyme (and Babesia) free–I was cured! P.’s test showed that he still had the Lyme and Babesia infection.

I did not realize that P. had misheard these results. Here’s why: P. has worn hearing aids for many years and has them adjusted about every 4 months. He was due to have his hearing aids adjusted the day after that doctor’s visit.

I was so surprised and excited that I tested negative and could finally stop taking antibiotics! But I did not realize P. had misheard and wrongly thought that he tested negative too. His test was not negative. He was still Lyme and Babesia positive. But unfortunately, he then stopped taking his antibiotics, without my knowing it.


Sad grandmother sitting outside worried

On July 15, exactly one month after P. stopped taking his medication for Lyme, he very suddenly, within a matter of two hours, “went off the rails” and exhibited aggressive violent behavior. He experienced “Lyme rage,” in which the pathogen simply takes over the brain.

I took him to the ER and unfortunately the doctors there did not recognize Lyme disease, nor did they understand it. And they were unable to hear me when I told them. I called the drugstore we used and the druggist confirmed that P. had not refilled his Rx for antibiotics the month prior. The druggist remembered that P. said WE were “cured of Lyme disease.” (However, I was cured, but sadly, he was not.)

P. was diagnosed in the ER as having “advanced senile dementia and schizophrenia.” I insisted that he had Lyme disease and that his behavior was caused by a pathogen in his brain. The ER doctors gave him the ELISA test for Lyme, and it was negative. ELISA is a highly unreliable test. But they used it, unfortunately believed the faulty result, and discounted everything I said.

P. was hospitalized and was given heavy-duty industrial-strength tranquilizers and anti psychotic medications to calm him down. My anger, fear and frustration hit new levels when the doctors refused to believe it was Lyme disease. They refused to give him antibiotics and rejected the fact that he had been on antibiotics for years for Lyme. The doctors simply did not believe me when I told them that P. had been “normal” several hours earlier.

I went home after being with P. for nearly 48 hours in the ER and collapsed from the stress and not having eaten. I unknowingly took a bad fall, and I suffered a broken clavicle and a concussion and was hospitalized. However, on July 21, because I had medical power of attorney, I won the uphill battle to keep P. out of the state psychiatric hospital and got him to our Lyme doctor. He immediately put P. back on stronger antibiotics. P. was finally being treated correctly. It took the next two months to recover from this awful episode and return, once again, to his “normal life” on antibiotics.

Naturally, after recovering from this awful episode and hearing the stories (he had no memory of any of it!), P. had a change of heart and was anxious to get home again and try the Radiac device since it worked so well for me.


Smiling retired couple relaxing in park, holding hands

P. began using the Radiac from Baar with the Lyme Vibradex Solution #185 on Sept. 22, 2021. He used the Radiac 73 times over the next four-plus months. On Feb. 9, our doctor retested him for Lyme using the new and more sensitive IGeneX ImmunoBlot test for Lyme. One month later the result came in, and P. was negative for both Lyme disease and Babesia!

He is cured. We both are. It seems obvious that the Radiac device from Baar with the Vibradex solution for Lyme is the reason. We were told that Lyme disease (and those nasty co-infections) could not be easily cured and that we both would likely be on antibiotic medications for the rest of our lives. If we hadn’t found Dr. Baar’s Radiac we would likely still be taking those antibiotic medications.

The cure for our Lyme Disease wasn’t chemical–it turned out to be electrical. And it was gentle. We did not experience any herx* reactions at all during or after our treatments.

  • NOTE: Herxheimer or herx reactions are a short-term (from days to a few weeks) detoxification reaction in the body. As the body detoxifies, it is not uncommon to experience flu-like symptoms including headache, joint and muscle pain, body aches, sore throat, general malaise, sweating, chills, nausea, or other symptoms.
  • FYI: As I understand it, the Radiac is not like the Rife machine because it doesn’t use specific frequencies. It uses your own bodies energy and equalizes it, then by adding a solutions like Vibradex Lyme – it then sends the vibrations of that solution into your body, very subtly, and basically gives your body what it needs to heal itself. Neither my husband nor I experienced any herx reaction during or after its use.


TESTIMONIALS ON THE RADIAC: https://www.baar.com/radiactestimonials.htm

THE RADIAC SYSTEM: https://www.baar.com/radiac-starter-kit

VIBRADEX #185 – LYME’S SOLUTION: https:// www.baar.com/vibradex-185-lymes-solution

VIBRADEX SOLUTION JAR STARTER SET : https:// www.baar.com/vibradex-solution-jar-starter-set

THE ESSENTIAL CONTAINER FOR THE RADIAC: https://www.baar.com/container-for-your-radiac

BOOK ABOUT THE RADIAC: https://www.baar.com/radiac-book

IMPORTANT: Prior to Ordering, Please Contact Tech Support at 610-873-5343, M-F 9:00AM – 4:00 PM EST.

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