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The Health Benefits of Jerusalem Artichoke

Jerusalem Artichoke

Native to central North America, Jerusalem Artichokes, often called by the more modern name “sunchokes,” can be eaten much like a potato. This vegetable is not truly an artichoke but a variety of sunflower with a lumpy, brown-skinned tuber that often resembles a Ginger root. The white flesh of this vegetable is nutty, sweet and crunchy and is a good source of iron. Along with supplying iron, it also hosts a large amount of health benefits.

The Jerusalem Artichoke is one of the finest sources of dietary fibers. Each Jerusalem Artichoke contains large amounts of inulin, a zero calorie and inert carbohydrate, which does not undergo metabolism inside the human body. Its high amount of inulin makes it an ideal sweetener for diabetics. Inulin fights harmful bacteria inside the gastrointestinal tract making Jerusalem artichokes a fantastic prebiotic. The soluble and insoluble fibers in this tuber bind to toxic compounds in the gut and alleviate constipation by normalizing bowel movements.

The soluble fiber in the Jerusalem Artichoke also helps the body manage healthy cholesterol levels, supports healthy blood pressure and may also help to reduce inflammation.

Carbohydrates in foods break down into simple sugars quickly and cause blood glucose levels to spike and drop sharply. Fluctuating blood glucose levels may significantly increase the risk of fatigue, heart disease, moodiness, immune deficiencies, and diabetes. The Jerusalem Artichoke is considered a low GI (glycemic index) food and provides a slow and stable rise and fall in blood glucose levels.

The tuber contains anti-oxidant vitamins like vitamin C, A, and E. The combination of the vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and flavonoid compounds, eliminate harmful free radicals in the body thereby reducing inflammation and strengthening the immune system.

Make the Jerusalem Artichoke part of your healthy diet!

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Natural Skin Lotion Provides the Best Relief From Itching

Winter can be especially rough on skin. As the temperatures drop, so do humidity levels which often leads to dry, itchy, chapped skin. For many, the colder weather can bring an uncomfortable tightening, flaking and even cracking of the skin. Take steps now to protect, moisturize, nourish and repair skin. Keep your skin healthy and glowing.

Natural Skin Lotion Provides the Best Relief From Itching

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Excellent for massage, daily skin and facial care, Olivae™ Skin Lotion will give your skin that extra nutritional boost it needs to combat the challenges of aging and winter. Feel and look your best, with oils from nature in this natural skin lotion.


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Generations of women have experienced the therapeutic benefits of rose water. NaturaRose combines a superior blend of natural oils, Peanut oil, Olive oil and Lanolin, with rose water for younger looking skin at any age.  Enliven your complexion, while toning and conditioning your skin for a radiant complexion. Apply as an all-body lotion, use in the bath or give yourself a facial with this all natural skin lotion.

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