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Green Ray Lamp

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Green Ray Lamp

Item #: 286
Sorry, we are currently back ordered. Please contact us to be put on our list to be informed when available.
Green Ray Lamp
Full Spectrum UV Mercury Quartz Lamp
Installed Green Glass
Hand Made Wood Cabinet

Professional Use Only

The Baar Green Ray Lamp produces a green frequency generated by an 800 watt full spectrum Ultra Violet Mercury Quartz source.
This already has the proper-size Green Glass in place for you to use. This means you do not need to purchase a #285 UV Lamp and #280 Green Glass separately. Here they are combined in one unit.
Plugs into 110 volt outlet. Uses a simple on/off switch, has an easy carrying handle, and is encased in a beautiful wood cabinet.
Just place it on your table, plug in the electrical plug, and then turn it on.
These units are hand made.
The Carbondex and Anidex Book #701 is an excellent companion for understanding your personal research in this area.
No Prescription needed. We suggest #298 Digital Timer to time your session.